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you look for 1 originalle nazi getto in europe, in schweiz?

Abri PC Vollandes
des Vollandes 35
1207 Genève

Tél. +41 22 418 97 88 

please you go...   1 secret, france koncentracion lager.  hir have neger people, and ost europe people , they people havent money. but for negers, amerika give money, but for europe havent. hir have 1 social mafia, this is 1 secret HItler concetracion lager.  in schweiz. interesting you, schweiz france people qualitat? nazi, sadist animals people? this conxcentracios lager, 1 room, 25nm2   32 people sleep.  There are 3 levels of brains above one. such a hitler was not in ghettos.  centralle offices, have 1 france degenerate man, and 1 bitch. the bitch mar 30 years, the mafia has scavenged, her breasts are ticking, ugly people, the right workforce in the social mafia. her hair like a squat dog breeze, ugly and disgusting.  such a dirty, nothing wrong, a scapegoat of bitches, a proper accommodation, this is a European man, a muslim man, who came to this position because of Western European women, prostitution. the whore, of course, sucks the sex organs of the ferfiy, normal. such anti-Semitic, despicable, malevolent, primitive, scornful, humans, pay off, nazi getts. 7500 chf / month, this dirty whore gets it. to make people go out. an American man who was a bastard, a terrible man, but a man of a European man, unbearable and unbearable. and it has a human right, a normal life, if the French is a genetically defenseless fascist species and the gender is fascist.I will not be surprised if this night and the witches working there, one night, I just throw my throat. this evening, if it happens, I'll burn candles, I'll buy 10 inches, I will pick up a jo, and I will unneed it every night. I'm going to bury the funeral with sos-acid, I'll go down, not losing it. many people are threatening them, I'm afraid to get what they deserve, and that's the burial.
 do you care if you are going to be fired by a French or a nation? if you do not find this jet. if you are in orb and have fun, you do not know the bunions, every normal person is there. then 50 people died 20nm2, you were a sadist in 350nm2. I'm afraid of funeral.

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