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whz qualitat in schweiy france regio..

in all social platy, house, neger, or arabic, or roman gypsy people.   this people 1 minuten no works in europe.. roman small time, but neger arabic, others no..  yetz for mi, havent platy, in all platz this people. from tent or hurst. WHY LIVE THISE PEOPLE CARITAS OR MAFIA..... 1, they need a toilet, and a toilet is enough for you to grow. everything will be eaten. there is no need for culture or mass. it is iranyithato mafia. obama, lazy politics, out of the way, and in Europe.

2, schweiz, people are 97% work / dumb. in the office, and there is no need for anything else. so they need the unreasonable, tedious workforce who can do something. okay to say that this is a neger, or an arabic ... billion dollar bill, do not want to pay a paid job as much as it is, the more they are in the hasy, the whole european, tonk / do. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


this is an extermination. if it does not fit, it will be a European standard, for Europe will be like wien ... 3% rich fascist allot, iranyit everything, and small mafia clans have emerged, terrible misery. schweiy not all far away. where bad, ay etel, merzeso, will install these herbs. but those who are merry are also animals.




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