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why speak europe 88% , in europe nazi teror have?

you was in 1 neoliberasl animals nazi getto? no? please look for. geneve rue des vollandes. france nazi getto...france-german-schweiz   htises people in 300nm2 house, 4-5 cars, money by girls, and make for ost europe for asyl getto...  this name, NAZI and fasist...  good speak arab, putyin, italy, amerika, orban.....

in euroe 650 millio people ... 100 millio german and 60 millio france millionare, others people eat havent. this is nazi teror. zentralle geneve...

please you look for 1 nazi getto.   abro pc des vollandes. service social-mafia-geneve rue des vollandes 35. you can find the internet when hitler wins the worm. I will not show you if French would drive the world to you. the French is not a man, an animal. if you go to a bunk, you can marvel how the world would be if it would lead to no. everybody would be bored.the no one was a fascist girl.







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