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what make europe ombucman? working thise fantom people?

thank you wery mucht, Madam Zola letters...  
human defenders what make?   no make...why?
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From: zola petrovics <>
Date: 2018-01-24 11:02 GMT+01:00
Subject: Fwd: olitiker, people, junge girls 99% prostitucion, drug,alles genetic defekt people boswillig problem
To: "EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) - Info" <>, EO <>

I want to keep up with her husband's affairs, and the very few forests who are not the prostitutes of the mafia, ... and normal.


strike...  it is not the right thing to do, is there a baratno, this is a casual, mafia europeaban that everything can be tonight, and the unio does not bring anti-mafia horns, or exterminacio or rassist-based individuals with unique draws of horns.strike aber nicht in strasse, wo ist gypsy leute muther gearbeit als hures. in parlament, in coca cola manager private hause tur, und im migrations amt mitarbeiter privat hause oder oprivat garten, und social mitarbiter in privat garten,.....
 demonstrations. as well as all of them, Victor Orban EP, and Fascist, and a series of gypsies and migration ministers who are full of European eyes, have nothing to do with people.  STOOPPPP extermination, O euro finansir, social teror, prostitucion., corrupcion, rasist teror und sadist nazi teror.....................alles stopp.................................   please, hungary mafia system    14-15 years old girls will confirm if you do not want to work for prostitutes ...
"the dirty gypsy asyl who lived in a burial ground, the jumbo bunkers, happily home, with 2 to 7,000 chfs. buy whores, money,. and at the end of the day, where thieves steal. the fuckin 'mother "

Tom want egzistenz, privat house or room, whizts privat sfera, normalle job as eletkroniker., szex whits szexbomb girls, car, and egzistenz.   this no give caritas and europa...  HEY, what is lot off money; what ?????   O euro?????? 
this cruel terror, economics, students studying at universities, and bitches, all of them who are looking for a reindeer, who are rich enough to buy nothing but people like a kilogram of clothes. the university prostitute that tasted my life that the women, the fuckers, will have no power, we're just like a dog. politicians, and drug mafia, scoundrels ... they should all be cut off.  a prostitute, and a drug bomber. knowing that all the students and drug addicts do not close "  
caritas, politiker, europe primitive grappa, all mafia. all. europe ill. but Usa why no help mi, for Tom?      hey pics2,   144 minuten full horor and small szex.  this write wien, and europe primitive people.    szex write only Tom.,   caritas no give eat. only for asyl or mafia or grappa... fur mich will nich gebe essen caritas. aber, toxin mit slecht essen f¨r mich, oder slafteror, oder nicht gebe essen das caritas personalle ppersonliche.  Hitler Mengele in caritas mitarbeiter.  in wien 50000 catolische leute war. jetz nur 1500- leute will nicht mafia steuer bezahle 400 eur/man....   fur asyl getto kostet, und fèr social helfen caritas mitarbeiter.    
schweiz als 3 welt, technic slecht...
ausztrian ungarn und ost balkan mafia
deutsh kerleoky, und frauen swein....
alles 1 sadist nazi teror.....alles. on leute nicht demonstracion, das bedautet leute absolute genetic defekt und idiot. 
dise lebens qualitat nicht normalle. jetz meine lebens qualitat=schweiz burger qualitat....   kriminall defekt. 1 notmsalfstelle slafen, ich aus egztistenz, asyl aus zcelt in house mit privat sfera. das extermination.....

A mappában található képek előnézete globalizacio, migracio, extermination, corruption


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