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what are the people doing?

what are the people doing?  cresy girls...  but all?

I do not understand. a couple of normal women. if he was tricked, there was a big vibracio, he came and told him. not now. she is a stranger to a website, she admits that she is a scumbag, she is a scumbag, and she is scared of her, screams at her, she has a penchant for her, and wretches of wizards. she did not have the courage to love her. this is unfortunately not true .. this is a big problem. but I'm not sure if this is a good idea.
i did. I work, work, and love too. but how can somebody be so idiotic, virgin, and fucked up?
the whole European system sucks, so are the guys who are going to the men and the dog ... why can not we teach in school, the silly noket? I find a bitch head 30 like a 72 year old gilr head. this is like a drug, it's all over 30, but it's all over. because that's the fashion. and the broken nostrils ... it's also an idiot who invents, but who cares, is not normal .. why not treat physiology clinic to nails? healthy sex massage. a normal young couple, one day, six to eight hours, when he can do it. and not once a week, every day. even lower for me it was normal. but for 3 minutes, 1 week per week, stop it, not normal. It's only 3 months old and 1 time in the el ..
but man, civilization, has passed the level of demand. not many people.
hungary doktorins all prostituate.   thise doktors, hungary mengele doktor.   no humor.  this man, 1 abnormalle idiot, in hungary 3(3 polizei, tox commando was job. this man, likvid in hungary 50.000 people, was no like hungary nazi system.  in hungary, no orban or gyurcsany problem, this nazi system...  lot of family in land, working...  this family 300 jahre, 1 family hungary mafia, in 3)3....   3(3  secret policei in hungary, 3oo years 1 family drive.   please...  thises people than in hitler time, desad doktors.   havent ill, skrisofenia, others, this 1 illegal think, why outmake normalle people, ...  than mengele in hitler time...this professor 1 sadist animl, 50.000 people kill....  50.0000   but hungary 3(3 defenders....   it was disrupted by the k.petra noi colleague that he was paralyzed and his penis slammed after 25 minutes, somehow he was put in the doctrine, by then a very cuddle vagina ... not just a sadistic, a pervert. and there are many. I would like to see the key figures of the schweiz, german, france, the management of the government, and the contacts of all Hungarian employees, because the whole mafia.


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