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what andestregend no german and hungary?


what andestregend no, german, and hungary? what? elektroniker? this compliziert? 


hey, it's not that in the world that as it was, iraq trash, quwait, ... you do not mind schweiz and wants that Tom just get to eat and get a normal get when you work. no. 1, etel and normal stop for her if she works if not. 2, he wants to work, but not epitaph, and he is a workman who works with 8 supernumerary animals and animals. 3, there is a normal movement, electronic music technician. want to work but only to the profession you've learned. , 4, if he does not give him a normal job, he has the right to exist, the minimum of existence, which is 800 euros, and a flat ... he has a human right.
5, that was 22 years of Hungarians. he had a lavatory and 1 garage, and then heaped a pan. everything was taken away by a corrupt Miskolc bourgeoisie. he has the right to look at the Hungarian allam, pay back to him, all the wealth he has. he worked hard and did not want to work harder. like Orban, you want the pool,

Now, the USA is about to hold you as you please. more. you know, you have a lot of rights, you can not do anything that is useful to me. I want a normal thing, so no one can object to it, but there are a lot of people out there who are moon, o kinai, and the kin-like man, ... I'm looking for a man of canada, exercising a clamor against the european nazi systems, human rights. I'm going to find Ensi, your one-time leader, and I'll be in my good fortune. I'm going to find the nato leader, too, to put pressure on these states. I'm looking for a schweiz countryman, I do not get work and normal, help me, get a normal deal, and give food, give aschweiz, social mafia, because they go back, the poor people are in a situation and steal a lot, of course not everywhere. I'm looking for all your rights, to endorse what I want. I'm looking for England's leading men, museums, keep up, educate, electronics, what does this mean and exist. that primitive people can do this. If they do not betray them, they will bet on them, and that part of this affair, I will go to the diskriminirung and Nazi terror as ram. it is already in the oscillating way, so it is faster to study the liver as well. to those who have helped me so far.


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