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we look for Ratyi gypsy...

we look for ratyi gypsy, in schweiz, yevrdon blans...   yetz.....


here you are listening to that dumb mass gzava cigany feral, ratyi gypsy ... tonkretette a genetic defect you know my phone .. you will pay for the ara 35x. you're gonna be fucked up and you'll tell me your fucking whore fucking mother fucks you, you screw up things that work on the corner like a whore bitch ... you fuck a tv in the air, you're just a bitchy big dicky cigany who's screwing things up, and you know what you are doing, and you're just a problem, because you're only 1 genetic defector who spits like a fucking ... yes, you're a bunch of fucking cigans who like you they go to bed, they go to bed. you will find and you will be bargaining, the sure, lazy cigány ... ratyi gypsy is your name, someday the genetic defect druggy cigany has given you .. you are a policeman, or like a girder who is like a gag from the jukbol. .. but we will find you, licked cigany ...
there are many influential acquaintances who ate such a duckling, it does not blow anywhere ... to help everybody who was there and after 2 days he would die ... because he deserves ... my revenge ... or I find him people are getting rid of junkies ... such a genetic defect can be humans, or they are connected with them, they're a drug addict, it's just a problem. they have nothing to do .... resides 1 roman lizard cigány 3 drogista, wien dittmangasse 1 below. one black is like obama, but no obama and no nigger just the same color. a simple dirty gypsy novel. these must be dropped ... today they told me where they lived. we're doing this here. he wants to be...
there's a third one, here's a palermo, so ... go to the whore's mom who wants to get me a job ... to the whacky whore. I'm an electrical engineer, I've learned a lot, and if I'm a punk, I'm not a club with such a cricket ... who wants to give me electricians or caregivers ... I did not learn that .. but I think it's a palermo maser, they are totally idiot PRIMITIV Nepean ..
FUTBALL ROCK, MORE PEOPLE. I'm looking for you, like brussel, in liverpool rom, 15 eve, del schweiz, in your opinion and in your money, and do everything to ton. all cars, yachts, train buses, and people ... my name is ... here's the crap, cigany. Caritas are home and office.
a legitimate claim, by law, means you can use the same frog as rad tamad. the patkany is dingy with a rat, but such a bitchy man is sad when the mother is cuddling like a woman ... the same. if the whole bandwidth is full, the% is the same arm as the phone for me .... it can be free, and it can be right ... it's not a booster, it's a legitimate choice ... you have to remove this bunozo cigany nepseget ..

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