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they are not people, animals.

Orban is a bad man, it's so easy to say, but it's hard. I'll tell you what to do, orally to Viktor, to do that in my case ... you exclude me? Do not you give him food? Workplace? do you place it? No, I will not give him 2,000 euros in cash. then I'll buy her all the way back, she'll be hiding again. because he had worked for him once. and not like a patkney, put the head in the sand, and the bumblebeet is gone, and the Miskolc Mafia is a deceit. and raise your taxes and pay. if you do not like it, you can go to mass country. but I also recommend Europas to do politicians. Instead, Viktor Orban put on the Socks pocket and 5 million Hungarians. but did you say, do you like this, or better? no. so the whole thing is wrong, the system is bad.



there is not a part program of a system archive, so the name of the fidesz, the, is won because there is no mass. the system is in trouble, everywhere in Europe, but mostly Hungarian. what kind of system is a parliamentary governor's monthly incapacity, 20,000 euros, a courageous man 25 euros? this is called fascism. what is fascism? okay. Armed with armed forces, terror, keen power ... what power do you have in power? 25 euro per 1 evre 1 flexible, but if you do not buy a ticket, it will go to bed. it's an armed armor, an armed force. fascism. the sex system. you have the right to be there for 3 months, if you do it, only if you work and are logged in. the unio says that he is free to work and resign but he does. if that sex system is yours. European creativity ... free guild, country of choice, free movement, sex, relationship, work, debauchery, financial gain, health, right ... inalienable, fundamental right. yes, if you do not give a job, you do not have to pay, and you do not know where to sleep. you have the right, but the eu legal system is like a fairy tale. For 20 days, I was bortoned because I was not allowed to eat and I did not get a train ticket ... I traveled there, they did not give me food and I was traveling. so now it's schweiz. the same rights apply. my laboratory outbreak came down, I did not go. no health insurance, no work, no fat, no food, this way I can eat ... they have an advanced social system where the schweiz can sleep, get more free and get paid, the migrans can eat 2-3 eats and you can sleep for free and you will get paid for it, but the Eastern European 1 varo, up to 7 days. one year, but 365 days. Basel clybergasse 15. social mafia center. there was no alcoholic drink there. she says she does not give me a pen or a medicine, I can not go, and my big dick is my dick. this is not surgical, so I do not even get to it or I can not get any accommodation. in Hungarian, I'm not just sick, I'm dead. I said, free accommodation, give me a beutalo? I was wearing a black ribbon migrant allotted by Obama here, 2 years in advance, after rescue, and reported today, have a good time, o have got 5 days immediately. he told me that he can not help me, and I will pay for it. Euros ... in Hungarian, they are not human beings, animals. systems can go away, face-to-face virgins are all those who use such a torment or such a subtle work force. the priests are not like that, they always get the mundenki not to hear this, but all that. but the whole social system, such a 1 mafia. I have a monthly 9500chf soc help, I just do not get anything from this. 9000chf is what 2 socialists are doing, the bread I get 100 chf, the bread delivery, the getto bread, 400 chf. You can not ur ur, or ur schweiz, or hungarian ur, when you pay your money, and you also support a fundraiser, you think you do it. well no.
Where was Orban yesterday? because the police, people all think that Orban gives us credit. where I was orally yesterday when I was not sick and where to sleep. I had a 50 kg package, which she was not sick to carry, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Where was Viktor Orban, in the many despicable schweizes, the lazy Hungarians who were shining, where was Ban Ki Moon, where were the many thousands of people, the people of human rigths, the haga birosag people, the human rights of human rights in Straossborgh, not cramped, made up of bricks, basel approx. There are 15,000 socialists, all of whom are 15,000x5000ch so much to the gentlemen ... where were you yesterday? Are not they worth it? But you schweiz ur, ur ur, hungary, you always run, pay the money. let's make a European probe revolution. For 0.5 yrs, nobody should pay the tax. then I'm hungry, the social smashes will eat the same amount of bread. If your lawsuit is right there, why get paid for the donkey. the European man trembling. o no, oh well, i did not wonder whatsoever, and if it is wrong, if i do not know nobody, o is in trouble. let us break the fascist systems. It's not? It's not? the sex, if you have worked for a year or so, will gain the power of your life. if I did not get anything. if you are migrans, you get 2 years old. this is what? I do not understand. how can I eat and sleep, why do I need the level of the US, and what's the matter with me? etel, cook, automatically jar. it is a strange thing, the one you are screaming, a bereaved man, you can not sleep, this is a sandy sadistic movie, which belongs to the inalienable freedom of the law, a bunny category, and 1 to 15 free fighters. only the breasts of the breasts, who laugh at a sick or troubled person, or do not help, the man must be thrown out of the way. because such a person is not human. the French, the one. the French hunts the intelligent man. who does not believe it, just go to Mullhausen, I find the parks where I was in a car, roman bulgar migrante... I did not miss an eye on a hill. they settle in the French regio, they are like the cigar. Orbán Viktor is a despicable man, he did not allow Hungarians to get Hungarian, but he stole everything as he did, as he was, as a garage, he was knocked over by a european caretaker to live with these animals. Viktor Orban and 1 million Hungarian fascist Fascist have spoken ... Hungarians are Hungarian. here is not a nigger, an Arab, a mass cigar, but some cigar. It is a controversial phrase, we want to be solidarity with the Hungarians on the bowl. it means that he takes up the bargain, he pays and goes to the Hungarians in Hungary, the Hungarians from the peninsula, who go to the doorway. Orban says afterwards that he is a great man, he is a successor. this means that he has stolen a lot of money in Hungary, and he has been defeated, because he is afraid of all the other Hungarians. Orban says, Euorpa, its security and the security of Hungarians, do not let migrans be allowed. it's nonsense. 4 Arab exploded paris, a white man, and every day he ate a man. but why do you say this to Orban? because the Arab is not a idiot and its own fascist system, the Arab nigger and european, the system ends. no small money this .... Orban says because you see the Hungarian man. 5 million Hungarian soldiers. you can not find a Hungarian, but it is 1 million alumni used mafia ... 16 millio Hungarian on the fold. But this is 1 million for everybody who does not have time ... but when will he shoot, Hungarian roman ukran Serbian Slovakian slovak, Polish. ... and it is a revolution ... yes, it can be a revolution because the robbed man is more like a robber. At least, USA. USA is already alam, and there is no world if there is no USA. But europaban, there is no sense ... The word of the President of the USA is half as much as the word of an alcoholic socialist or the leader of a thug system leader Orban? That's a big deal. If you say bad things, and people do not listen to it, okay ... but if noble, you can help people, they can help one-two troubled people, and people are so nasty, do not help, that's right, diplomacy today may be a source of armed conflict. like 1919, 1939, does not mean that we have to do what America says, but if America gives room to a man, it proves to be a very Hungarian country fascist, mafia country, and it shows, and people do not take it seriously or not, and it's a big deal,
when a local primitive resident, whether a man or a Frenchman, says something idiotic, this is what USA is saying is a stronger and more self-indulgent thing, and the nep begins after the local idiot, the very big trouble. Putin is already a politician. I'm listening to it. The religion is like the nations. Anglican, you can die or you can sleep in the street, but you will not freeze. half of the catolic mark, primitive mods and solidarity on a very basic level. reformatus is merely solidaristic, but your situation is solved as well as the evangelist. the world is bigger than the religion. This is not the praise of Merkel, it is the second best-known religion, but it is the Catholic religion itself as it stands for Eastern European standards. allow them to eat and live somewhere. the Anglican, he says, I'm going to get rid of this, and that's the French. Unfortunately, there are many English.



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