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THE money, and hungary family, and europe

The genetic defect people are getting out of, the Money, but wy?

These people were very miserable kin-people. Even in the age of war as warriors, they did not respond. They would have died extravagantly because they could not grow. They did not grow because the women did not like it. They were bushy, they were wicked like ORBAN VICTOR. 21, Mafia, as ORBAN and nep.irtok, invented the Mafia. They do not belong to love but are economical. A swollen woman, and a wretched man. But this is also typical of europaban. If you do not have a big business, you're extinct. These people with genetic disabilities do not give me food, but I do not care for them either. These people, in practice, want to eradicate the breed. The pure Hungarian race and the European standard. That's why I have no place to work, I'm scared, I have nothing to eat, because this mafia dominates all over Europe. They are in the eu parliament, they are multiplied by generals (mostly homosexual societies, and they are a masterpiece of traditional production, which, with nails and secrets, is a controversial document). Six of this is Europe today. This is an all-out program. And if Europe nepe does not fit, these weird people will die, all of them will die. orban, the Hungarian eloskodo csaladok, eve 80 millio huf segelyt flowing, the pay melle. Reszemre 10 eve or euro, than tamas come back. Orban is a species-like Nazi leader, or a neoliberalist, no matter what, a criminal.   But no matter what the name of the name, the fidelity, the better, the same neo liberalist-fascist puppies, who can always loot the nigga, the staff of the staff ... they are completely liquidated, it is about 1 million people, And Hungary would be a normal country again.


A mappában található képek előnézete mafia kurvák


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