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szadist teror

such that there is no free time, europaban and rest. it is a fundamental principle of humanity. I do not want to make a ton of my health. people like animals and cattle. For me it is special in South America, it is a must. this is solved, and the heis armee in this helps. Caritas do not, it does not change logic, it's ok to disrupt hard people, some people in need do not have any help. this is a rape-out. vevey caritas, an idiot -20 degrees Celsius and unlock the window. eyek ay people are not normal. I do not have any sleeping places. bern passentheim, he just does not give me room. I was sick alone, but I did not give it a room. I can only sleep at 23 o'clock / 6.30 am when I'm in the middle of a day relaxing. it is sad szadist terror, not just negative diskriminirung. all mas people, 17/07 now sleep in there. I do not. mas, people can be in normal places like bern pasentheim, at 1 or 2 days maximum. why ... this is a simple one.


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