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social mafia europe und s chweiz auch

"grappa only grappa"    east europe man primitive, this is what. the primitive can not be tolerated. the gender is the sloppy and fascist. it's very primitive. schwiez is not, but bad and primitive. he can not afford anything, social life, which can be tolerated. onallo room, with normal ether, baratnok., this is the base. the baratnon was out of control of all the fat, and the idiot hitler was able to give it, and Hungarians would cross it. it is the schweiz man, it is not the case, and this is the explanation for this. for this reason people do not invest many people here because they are not trusted by the people. inhumane country. the social mafia can not eat me many times ADNI, my normal room is in a room, workplace, baratno, love, sex. what is it for? why do people pick up pencils for me to be elusive? if they can not do basic things either? I do not need a slice of bread, my bitches, I was not a slice of bread, a complete existence.


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