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shongau german town.. 3.- world...

I do not call it Bayern, shongau valo, 3th villagge, because Arabs are habitats, there are all half nations there, but are at a level that is far away from afras or the 3rd world. Gender is not like country or European. A bitchy big mafia with primitive rumors. In the color there is a single bank, where there are dollars for the forint. I have to say, in European colors of the same size we have a minimum of 8-11. I know people, the bus ticket has to be paid. How much is the wasted time, because half of the village, physiologist, and the amount depends on the physiologist with whom he was in the bar. Needless to say, the kids came here when there was a horde of rablo on this color, they were with them ... every kid likewise like each other. Slightly oblique eyes, slightly black, slightly white spots, hat does not tell what kind of race. The bus driver, but that's not a joke, the relative of the police who took him a lawyer. I traveled 7 km by bus, 7 in the direction of the lake, the pedestrians just jumped on the cheek. Social village like herzog seagmuller. The police clashes, the supernumerary highlanders, who are out there for the winter, because there is no need to pay for fire. The incoming criminals, with some kind of pretext, the police force, and the bargain for their name, this amount. Herzog seagmuller Herberge. They snap the SGB2 slider, which is pushed by this policeman and bought by the job center. The social mafia color, interesting. The priests do not dare go out into the street at 16 o'clock. Somebody's ringing, they do not dare open a door, police clerks, often plunder priests. There is no one talking about it. They can not help themselves because they are unable to help people who are being robbed of mobile disagreement, police surveillance, disconnection. SZOCIÄL FALU; So they told me that I would not work there, because I'm not a lawyer, and there are only those who do not have a hand or a mental disability. The logic of that, they are not going to escape from there. Or a mental disabled person thinks he is already working for 1-2 euros oraberer. Of course, as well as all social platforms in Europe, they give a body that causes a disease. This is where the social mafia is present, there is no human right there. Of course, these are out of the social sphere, and besugo mafia in the police is far more solidal than bregenz, austria. There you are, you have 1 week or a week to rest. Nobody works in such colors, everyone from tourism, in Hungarian, somewhere, from someone else's income. There is no human right there, sleeping for as long as 3-4 days as schweiz, and after that. He can not sleep 4 days because they want to help him, but I can book it so I can beat those people who are there. So many choices. And the neighborhood is quite. A true tourist is hardly coming because of these things, because they are everywhere, they are hateful, but for them, even when they are knocking over their heads. The 3 th villa was behind, the police besugo trolls were in trouble. Where tourism is, there is tourism mafia. I just want to know when the Commissioner for Human Rights does not come with me, put on clothes, and for 1-2 weeks, because of the social situation. There is a color costume, you can come up with moon ur for the day or martin, and not from the desk, how many billionaires you bury or steal, but from many milliards, why does not a filler come from me? If I can sleep the same day, I'll be so fed up with all that I'm getting sick, allergic, or I can hardly go barking, or I'll burn all my food. There are a lot of human rights in you who are dead, but I'm obliged to go for a week or so to go to such a place, in a dreary ... in Europe, at the beginning or at the side of the wind ... go away ... and not out of the table, Like a spiritual disabled child, how much are the poor, a slice of bread, 3 billion a month .....

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