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schweiz / natural French cigany regio) sengen and human rights horns ...

schweiz / natural French cigany regio) sengen and human rights horns ...   sorry, thise no 1 films episod in 1919 or 1939 jedwis fils...  no, this is todey, in 2018 schwiz...  and europe minimum 200 others town....

I have also pointed out to the Schweiz Parliament, the European Parliament and the judiciary, the human rights defenders of the moon, europaban and schweiz in the French regio, some of them themselves to be afflicted, swearing and squatting organizations, harsh human rights and the masses of men. these organizations are part of lusanne caritas, vevey caritas, lusanne abri = pc mafia organizations. these organs, I give myself as an associa- tion, but in the face, coarse law, and human beings. mafia. it is not a problem for this region because an affiliate of the people of the penitent people is giving a pen and a diner? let's get some fuck up. yverdon 5 chf alvas and 3 chf etel. but in any French regio the caritas mafia organization. abri / pc is a humanitarian terrorist organization. just take a look at la lausanne chemin de la prairie 11, but do not look for a home but a cellar. a former military basement. is a secret object where, for example, Syria, or Afghanistan, denounces the killer terrorists. sotet pince, where people sleep 25 people in a space of 25nm2. inhumane crashes. such a European man is not able to endure, only the Romans, because they are in demand, and par and Negro and Arabians, who have been beaten, played for them, and have been caught in a jet. Caritas, of course, have more terrorist organizations and billions of people benefited from these people. who are begging or stealing. because they are not allowed to eat for free. -20 degrees Celsius people in the cold 1 hour all over there to get into the object, he remembers when hitler led the Jews.this are gone, you people, you know, 1 chf ... you are a resident of the terrorist organizations called this migration, but not much success. these are well-designed bunos. your statement is influenced by politicians, people's organizations, and billionaires.
I can not do that without regio because gender is smart. the French is unfortunately very primitive and silly ... many French do not even know where it is. there is one that is looking for gronland jerks because it is cold now. this Mafia threatened me, they did not give me food, and I was tired of everything. only the bu, dang back, why they will go tonight and go to prison. human rights, because the fundamental right is the practice of eating, drinking and drinking, human being, and culture. which means that if I can not afford E210, I want to buy it in the store or give me some food or hammer. because I have the right to eat. I have the right to human breast augmentation. this means that I can sleep alone in a room to sleep in silence, if you want to do so. the chest, known music, iro, electro-technician, 160 iq, can not get involved, primitive race like roman people who eat a bitch and do not have any culture, nomadic people. I have the right to practice your own artwork, which is the most beautiful of all, the first time in Europe, to the culture of the Anglo, from which the East and the United States and many colonies are ... the Anglo-American culture, though I have the right to save American or English or Australian people, not nomadic people or French or Balkan Spanish. these people were left out of the English culture for a thousand years. they are {but ey not joking} like the crocodile dagger crocodile hunt movie accepted by an American. for them the English toilet, is an improper thing, they are doing their job where they are bound.
I have the right to eat, drink, and sleep, and to have a human breast, and get paid, because the train ticket is paid for, medicine ... and I do not want to hear any sore throats ... I'm sorry that a terrorist organization does not even talk Billions, pay off what I'm jar. because that which is part of the people, people do not give me the chance to work, and in fact, the collected pension as a mafia, but the shameful one, taking into account the people's demands and human characteristics. I will be cold and I will be sick, put in a warm place ... and quiet. and physiotherapy is more than a lot, there is a special interest to bring them there.
he is also a schweiz. French Regio. According to Sengen, I am not a tourist, a free eu polgar, a job search, I am legal in the schweiz field, and if I do not get blackmailed or threatened by not taking a train ticket, I will go to bed because if I do not pay, I can not take it. today I'm not getting a job, this is the schweiz's expense, because it is a mafia system that takes people into the crap like a scammer or a friend, so I'm being severely excluded and financially tonkretes \ z this mafia policy. if maskepp does not, with kwota, enter into a branch, because I have the right to work, existential.
I do not remember my movie, my picture. what a negative exclusion is, I can not be baratno because the mafia penzer the hammer. if you do, the park is connected, there are fewer and fewer people who take a penchant. and if 30% of his / her income is paid off, he or she will be relieved of the negative inconvenience and diskriminirung .... I will be in the best interests of all these things. with koszon> Juhasz Tamas......
and if somewhere it is somewhere with a virus or mass, I'm going to legalize that I'm going back, I'm gettin 'a gut, and everybody's teeth whispering ... I'm going to make a big dick ... I guess it's okay ... the fuckin' goodbye, the bourgeoisie, = 35 years of age, you can break up. because I have the right to health, free movement, free will .....and I have the right to the minimum. and this is a minimum of 800 chf for a start, a stay, a south, and a place in the natural setting, to my show and to my equilibrium.

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genetic defekt lands

(peter , 2018.03.01 16:00)

Le français est une sorte d'europaban, comme l'américain, un néger. il est impossible d'engager l'italien, le français et l'espagnol, "cigares", non, ou suédois ou anglais, au niveau culturel et matériel ... encore plus parler, les pays européens, ce sont les visages. L'Europe de l'Est n'est pas égale, mais la moitié polonaise, serbe, tchèque et hongroise est quasiment déséquilibrée par le niveau de l'UE, mais reste prudemment à la traîne. Romains, bulgares, non-européens, orchidées balkaniques, où il n'y a pas de culture .. ces ay eu aur ont pris en tant que membre, ont assez de rue sepro et wc tisztito .. parce que c'est juste ... les képes russes se réveiller au niveau occidental de l'ue .. vous n'êtes pas déjà en régio .. pas de régio conduit schweiz, d'autres seulement foldmuves, seg. zurich, bern, st gallen ..... il y a un pipeline pour vous, pas dans le port ... italy gypsy, france gypse, spanish gypsy, thises no good lands...


(gabor Fodor, 2018.03.01 15:42)

you are a smart person, and you deserve more than a caritas getto, where you are far more primitivebb eberek, donbtenek roll, ehetsy or sleep. This is a mistake of politicians, especially the bait. politics and leadership, the poor people go home to a place like a dog, and the poor man, producing the mills for them. I will not leave this time to die, that's what they give her, do not get hurt, because she will not benefit. this is a very sloppy thing. capitalism is exploited, but everyone kicks him because he has a monthly salary of 5/15000 chf, 8 hours a day. but not to get a filler, and to benefit from you, you can not sleep normally, this is down, and today I will steal your sweethearts. yes, you are not a dog like many beefs, but a strong color, a rendering, an electrician, not a bunch of cigars ... I do not know what the style or the goblin who is cigány, but the great fascist, what do you say, everybody knows, cheat bastards. the Hungarians do not believe anybody, thief, spine, whores ... martin sulz montdta himself is eu parliament.

human rigths schweiz

(Alex Shutter, 2018.03.01 15:34)

dise people no normalle people, all people know, caritas and 1-2 pfaramt mafia.. dis is stimt. caritas helfen grouppe, aber ob dus habe keine geld, caritas will geld, und gebe slafenplatze und essen.. dise nicht normsalle , mafia was machen? das. ich defenders dir, und bitte zahlen geld. ja, ja... caritas, pfaramt, alles aus mensen geld nehmen, catolische steuer... verstehe, 400 eur, or 800 chf>men. aber, fur leute, gebe 1=2 brot .. slafzimmer kostet stadt zahlen... caritas alles geld, bezahlen fur caritas mitarbeiter, wer all 1 mafia family... und uncorrect, no legal, aber alles geld zu hause bringen caritas family, was geld, leute senden fur dich, oder anderes leute. caritas ganz mafia logik.. deine und mensen geld will nehmen, nexte=nexte monath, auch du 1 patient, wer nohmail fill extra profit nehmen caritas mafia.. caritas army salut no libe, du alles monath anderes stadt, aber du nicht fix patient, und fur deine name wist nicht extra profit gestollen. aus caritas mafia nur 1 moglichkeit haben, deine leben nicht ausmachen. alles monath, oder wohne, du wohnen anderes stadt, oder land. und in caritas mund 1 big penis... ja/ja ich empflelem fur leute, catolische steuer bitte nicht zahlen, aber fur caritas bitte senden 1 kg trochen brot, und kleidung. geld helfen nicht. bitte sud gypsy france region, leute nicht zahlen steuer, senden fur caritas 1 brot.. und bitte frage, letze 10 jahre deine loht, steuer wo ist? caritas direktor 3 oder 7 hause baustelle, oder in 1 secret bank konto? ferpley.. caritas habe keine geld helfen, du bitte auch nich zahlen fur caritas steuer, und catolische steuer. in wien das war. speter 4000 men, aus catolische mafia, und nicht zahlen steuer. nexte monath, catolischwe mafia zofort geld helfen gebe, kleine geld, aber mafia change. stimt. du klug... besten klug. und normalle... politiker, gericht, caritas all 1/1/1 mafia..


(normalle people from eu, 2018.02.28 18:28)

miskolc rigters corrupt. for fides and jobbik, fill millio euro get, and thises people for rigters pey corrupcion money... this rigters want defenders for you, this no correct, this rigters futy your house, egzistenz, this is correckt infos.,.. rigters corruption.... but this andestregend no, this know sir obama, sir trumpf, sir junkers, sir president martin sulz, but no change situation_ ? no pey for you hungary nayi land sorry money, obaut 1 million euro? this corruptcio, nayi teror.. this is okey... we want change..

we, europe..

(i minister aus bern, and 1 frend aus brussel, 2018.02.28 18:24)

Tom all tex okey.. only small different, 40 mafia okey, but no viktor orban futy yours house.. Viktor Orban only 1 sadist animals, Viktor give hungary mafia small companys lot of money, for you eat no... okey sadist animal, this is okey. viktor orban want, miskolc rigters, make yours rihts blokiert, and you dont know, others land go... but this killers for you, but eat want no give viktor orban for youl.... andestregend? vIKTOR orban want 1 sadist right for you, you o euro money, and you dont know get money in others land. geriht give no correckt information for Viktor, you idiot. this yety all world know, you normalle... but corrupt rigters want you outmake... yes this is mafia. i write letter for Martin Sulz, and Sir younkers, please make 1 normalle human rights contoroller grouppe in europe, but all office 85% corrupt mafia... this is okey.. europe no good.


(hollyvood 1 star, 2018.02.28 17:46)

yes. lausanne chuv hospital know. lot of medikamente company... virus, other medikamente in drink produkt. yes... this is big mafia.... and social mafia ....and politik mafia... but first big mafia, human rigths rigters... thise people idiot nazi primitive.. ban ki moon no, but human rigths this. thise people pey, 15000 chf, or 12000 euro.. but this people speak, 1 getto no tragedy, this is good. but thise people no sleep in getto, in 500 million chf house sleep.. this money 6 million years get.. but 1 human righters working only 40 years... ____???? mafia this...


(geneve burger, 2018.02.28 17:41)

hey. and doktors mafia and medikamente firmen mafia_ coca cola manipulier, others medikamente make in coca cola... this is 1 big mafia. and you 300 minuten waiting in lausannne hospital, but doktors no commen? this is big mafia, this make big problem... nazi mafgia... this is europa first problem... medikamente firmen mafia.

putyin , trumpf......

(xy, 2018.02.28 15:57)

okey, i write yetz letter for.......................................

I'm taking immediate action. Tom's human rights benefit, not like Viktor Orban and 40 thieves, against Tom.
No give for Tom eat social mafia.. why is problem.. please you lese this link> diskriminirung nazi teror, mafia teror....

this is sengen rights and human rigths and........ lot rights.......







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