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sadist europe

europe terrible. I have worked for 20 years in hungary, and I paid my money, now my expense, 0 eruro. I worked for 1-2 years in Germany, 5 years I spent there, my job was 0 euro Austria I did not get a job and my cost was 0 euro. schweiz, i did not get work ,. no euro. French does not work, though I do not speak French. now it is toned in the immune system, to go barely bumps. it's a slumber, it's a jovedelem, nothing. Europa SZOLIDÄRIS; JUNKERS: No, Europe is a slut, because when I get a normal slumber, normal electronic work, the immune system does not go tonight. Europe puts all the power on ton, because of the primitive people and their misguided leaders. because in Europe there is no human being, because there is no human characteristic, which is only the root of those things. the most common of them, they like to get it from the point of view of man. audi, money , sleepy, because it is strong, but man is not. it is not round.

I simply work in the non-food industry, do not have to pay for it, but it's time to move from where it goes. such a waste water, etel, is not in the world. but in France, and even in this country, this eye should be alright. because they can do it all. I've worked bad walse for days. then I was sick, and I was gone. The doctor in Stuttgart did not even bother to know a person who was in a hurry for a week or a fortune. for them this solidarity, patient with assurance. schweiz was treated for free, but she also checked. what is this fascist malice, the sex in humans? The doctor was an obscure, concave idiot. any such sneaky man, bad-tempered ... and he was calling the police because I wanted to help him to get home. this is your oriensi bun, stuttgart color ... these are not paid, but gunfire.


A mappában található képek előnézete hitler getoxim.. hitler-polizei-krákenhouse projekt...


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