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please help mi.

I'm getting tired of being scraped off Europe. The Hungarian is a high quality, but not the bunkers who are wiening or no-job-makers. These people went to America, or Belgium, or England, or Sved, one in this dirty street. I'm robbed of a sex, they give a job, but the rednors are also abducted, the oyster, the need for a stranger, like the csotany, does not already have a property, it's just a thousand times because you have a ballot. Schweiz, the whore wurtsaft mafia is the trouble, and there are a lot of drug waste, and the whore allam support. The normal person is like no. French, terrible flaws. All the bunozo there, sleeping in the streets, in the assisting places, a primitive, primitive crash of horror. Lichenstein, a silly little country, does not deserve any mention. It is so primitive that if the United States could repel it there, it would take Schweiz for help or arrange it. A country that is very strong, thieves and ado cheats. Czech is normal but there is nothing to do with it. Slovakian elegance is terrible, it does not help the country. Hungarian, is a fascist ,. Policemen like a del African army, where armed forces can hold power, coup reven. Somebody helps me to find a normal country that can live, work, live normal people, not like a man or a goddess who are malevolent people, not primitive as a Frenchman, not as slim as the schweiz wurtsaft mafia, Scammers bitches who are only burdened by genetic defects, or they have nothing to do with scavenging, which they do not even melt, so they can wake up with them. I'm interested.


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