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össtereich problem.. ministers

Minister Kern and Kurz, both normal and already a minister. Kern selective, normal people, normal reaction. Course Minister level. Probal space, every normal drink, but ... here is your orien 's problem. There is a third fascist arch, Alias ​​mafia stroder.    
This man is a peculiar arch. Like Hitler. "Hitler was a little homosexual. it also. With the kids in mind. To crush the poor man. But if you smash an Arab, or an american or putyin, like a patkney, yes sir, yes sir. A characterless one. And a freakish man. That I can not have my social responsibility, who worked for 25 euros and paid europa. An Arab or a Negro, who has been in a massacre, but he pays 1ooo Euros ... this man is a Hitler. Bad, bad and bad. O the smallest of the ministers, and like all the disadvantaged, malevolent. Oh, let's go down, all the rest of the Austrians, with the primitive, with the malevolence, and with the fascist system created by it. Go to haupbahof P7 or jozef stadler str u6 metro caritas. These were in accordance with the demands of the Caritas Director and the Social Minister. Bärki can enter. It's worth checking out what kind of 2 apps you've been releasing the social mafia. And all the primitive workers, the bottom, the dick. 8 needless to say. The much scolded police officer, the most cautious, the most common kind of school-school. I work on the social mafia sphere, 97% do not have any budgets. O tette tonkre wien color, mar here I have to shave away. But also for the poor. Like Hitler, he wants to exterminate me like me, the much higher level of talent, and the talented music, the music, the sport, the conscience ... that man is Hitler. Because I have my euro. If you pay for the Fascist ur, you pay for 2oooo € a month. In the social sphere, the most commonly used person is to pay 4,000 euros a month, so there is a social minister urn, boven penze, alltala causing fascism, annihilation. Thanks. Steal for me personally referenced by your own, and it gives it to people who are in possession of two or three countries. Hitler stopp, yetz kommen worklds...


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