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one sure. I will not be French or French

English, American, or Swedish, or possibly aus. the sex, a bad-tempered, bar, resourceful and intelligent. and he was a primitive manners, but there was something else that existentistically. the French rebellion. very primitive, vile, and nothing wrong. so many suits as the Romans are. They are not the norms, they are the star, but they bring them intoxicant cultures, such as asylum or roman, who are abusive intelligence. yverdon fortune, "a good fortune" 3 my problem has failed to solve, which is important at a time. etel and drink and medicine and all this, every day. this was done by zurich or bern in 25 minutes, with 2 people, 50-50 chf adenas. true cause is no vortex. not a lot, 50-50 chf, but one does not die. this is not the case with the French. the social workers who were in the head of the 5-7000 chf / pound were out of the country, so that I can not solve this problem, and that I can not solve this problem, and that I am able to work for two days and I sleep at the same time. the garden, the medicine does not go, the very dear. do not be sick or beat me., this neoliberal nazi system. wien is a primitive resource, but it's not a problem. wien is a quality people, lots of cigars are the problem. Of course they did not go to a hotel here, the Frenchman, there is no need for anything. It is time to waste time on these dummies, so I finish it. the women are terribly primitive, if you tell him that the neger is the best liked like the primitive pigeons with etetone, he wants to negate. if you say Russian is Russian. I see a soldier and a policeman giving up, I can not get sex with a woman. they do not have the right to do so, but they are so darn pissed that ..... of course the women will not have their own, the police and their soldiers and some dummies will set them with whom not to whom. There are also many things people do not know about sex, but if you do not want a sex, I'm going to go there too, but if it is not the quality I get it. it's a terrible thing, it's such a shit country, there's nothing like schweiz. Austria is better, only the Hungarian and Slovak bumps are in trouble. and the other, Roman, Bulgar .... here they are, the French itself is the problem. the schweiz allam is completely normal, I invest in milliards, migrans, and I turn to a normal hut. there will never be anything in the migransbol alltal, it will never work, but I will get them free for 2-3 years. I did not stay for a day, yesterday when I was getting sick, my stomach was almost bleeding because they did not eat. is the most common species in the world. I do not even tell my nose because the dog is more advanced. if the two races, the French and the naked half of them, are out of the ordinary, it would be a normal small order. I do not really care what the French think, but in my eyes it is like a cigar which I do not know, based on its characteristics. I can be seriously killing myself, I can get to the country, but I do not want to do this. now after 25 years of work I have given, and I have everything taken away, I'm sleeping nigger people who are from some continent. such a French, out-of-the-box. European norms. if a Frenchman were to find out what to do and to be happy about, the two things would be his penchant for it, and he would hang you over like a bitch and a bitch. my day, my energy is 97% going, getting over and thinking I have a good time to get acquainted with, there is a pistol in my hand. with a little gun pistol. I missed such a lousy cigany race. French schweiz schweiz. Caritas told me he can not give anything. a migrans takes up to 2 years of free fall, south and 2500chf a month. what if it is not a race out? the. the French will have to get out of hand, of course, the Slovak, the Hungarians, the Roma, the Ukrainians, the half of them, ..... and the rest of the pure races. English, Swedish, Russian, who have always had their culture, good humor, honesty, cleverness, secrets.


A mappában található képek előnézete 5-6000 euro bis ich rollstue! danke ne!



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(ferenc gyurcsany, 2018.01.29 17:59)

you send 20 years 1 letter, france human rights, in france, straossbourg. straossbourg antwort for mi, hungary groven. yors egzistenz please outmake. you no know?
yes straosburg nazi animals.







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