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nazi people only genetic defekt people

im basel, heis armee, herberge, 201 room...  no hair, no teeth. but he believes migrans is the problem. 8 is an all-school school, a primitive school, a drug addict. naturally the waste of the waste of the word. this is a joke, a drug hat. the local bureaucracy does not know how to physiological treatment. the heis armee, 2500 chf a month, falls in love because the soldiers are paying, and one wants to live with a non-normal man. the gadgets are the problem. mass page for migrans waste. I'm in a book now. migrans, have kids here. all black. basic culture is not enough to nick you like, you use wc. like cigans. both her mother worked on the corner like a whore, a wolf never in their own country, a great opponent of Europe, she invented, this eye is raided with species and goes to every ton. his plan succeeded. they eat, 50 can be heard .. they are not people, it is so basic, we are silently eating, we do not eat the shit, salmon etc. they were not in their hands, terito, dairy. one thought the white sign was a sign. terrible. in a remote location, the strong European and Schweiz people speak quietly. the migrans waste does not, they have the fuluk of them as almost all of them. ok not a tiger or a pretty noble litter, ok for the silenced disenno, vervonal orokoltek. wall like a litter, and that's all the demands. of course, these people, they never find home, schweiz, or european people. they did not bring them here. its very low. It has more to pay than the schweiz. or European people. wien varo, arrol szol, this scrap east european waste man, became richer than the oysters. from there, all the goods will break. There is no room, there is no normal food, but only the foundations of these nexus of cigarettes have to be found. Fascism has to be faded, but the primitive drifts, too prominent. if you want to have a baby, go home, that country will be your epithet. the nazi would be more normal if you could make a bowl of quality and quality. but this is unsuitable. None of them, both of them, the category of hounds, the primitive street. artists, scholars, monks, musicians, resourceful people will lead the world to resume Europe. if the dangers are proliferating, the europan yoke. of course, if you're going to be a primitive migrant, take home and fish like you're chatting, your wc is kidding ... but you do not want to keep them from the deeds of a man. work. and, hogz profession no .. to learn to work budo? some of them are so ...







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