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many people do not care what's wrong with social slumber? now I do

many people do not care what's wrong with social slumber? now I do. okey. 


every 6 o'clock I get up. wake me. all I have to do is or I'm out of order, I have to get up because someone has this, who has never slept in such a place. I'm doing it, one of Wien's best payroll masses. how are the rest? I do not mean it, a balcony, a room in the middle of a toilet, that is, they are doing their business there. I did not die in 10 years, western europe. even there, great, in normal places. According to Europai Unio, one person, normal, has a minimum of 12nm2 space. here is 1 nm2. noisy. this is natural because people take the air, move around in the air, and talk. they are not stupid people, they are gone, they want to die. in a person's mind, every minute that he fills with unnecessary color, is a coffin. every hour when it is frozen and sleeping, but it does not know where, the 5-5 coffin is all about it, because someone had it. of course, those who have this or who are physiologically ill, because they are 4-5 hours old, because they do not sleep or sleep alone, only the health of the man does not care. Degenerative diseases. virus is merry, this is fashion, no language in the language. alvar terror, drunk driving ,. this is the way you want people to work, because they are better off than you do, but you have the opposite, you do not want to go to work or look for them because you can not relax yourself. the people with paid legal norms. the caritas, the terrible ones, the people themselves who are terrible. of course the Social Minister, behind a desk, like a 5-year-old kid, this one. nehas stakes, it is also similar. the kid is not bad-hearted, and does not pick up a lover, money. . on the basis of the assumptions that Western Europe has placed on socialis. you're leaking. some Balkan Mafia, have gained a lot of influence. in the living areas. at migrans level. I worked for 25, 20 Hungarians, 5 for non-students, and not for the job. sgb2, not adhato, mandatory to give. Pay the gender. not the oyster is despicable, the only unlucky, the ruler of all their roles, the no one. pay for a sex, a normal hostel, or a whole european and american, do not wear black. introduce an "embargo" so that fascism can back up.


Everyone explains Hungarian in Hungarian, iranyit ,. but I did not care if this was the case for the host, that it was 4 million migrans? How can the remaining 6 million Hungarians work 76% of the bread crumbs of the Hungarian Kulfold migrans? Why do not you go home where they have their possessions, they're staying. one thing they did, not my country, take the bread at the front of the rascals, go home, they voted in orbit. why do not you feel about the Hungarian fascist ällam-aparätus? to go home if there already. Orban did not talk about screams, all I had was destroying all the great Hungarians. in Hungary.



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