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love is what we did. power was the opposite

love is what we did. power was the opposite


love, small people, many workers, but I'm afraid of it. friends, shopkeepers, friends, and no disturbance, I have a 23nm2 square, I have a villa. she had taken home billions of dollars in the villa, but she had everything to look at. the Hungarian, the bus, and the real Hungarian. but what did the power bring? The Power, he wanted to feed me into life. the Power, every man, everybody, refers to everyone. what is going to go to the Hungarian Parliament? everybody will hunt everyone, they will shake hands, and they will roar, they will go away in a luxurious villa, on the rugged, loose bands. but they have already worked. every bureau, no, no office, will be paid if it is almost none. because they are bitten. Hungarians were invaluable, they were invaluable. chocolates, food industry, earthworm, schweiz, holland. but the power sold it or made it tonight. it was not the power, it did not do anything but it sold it. there was no one with no tank or with weapons, power came out of them. now I would say if you vote, you are solid, if you are supposed to go to the hungry Hungarians who only come to Hungary, of course, who will have the ass. All power is fought with mass weapons. gongy king, said those who are not sympathetic to them, are idiot and paper form. Orban said he would not give me only 150 bitchy cheaters. then the Hungarians will be defeated, under the dominion of the multicountry. It's interesting when you're cold in the cold, there is not a confession there, in your hand you have a loan in Szechenyi, come on, I'll take you to a boarding house. because we got your money back! Vallalkozo says when we vote, this is our country. When I distribute the goods, she says you are not Hungarian, you do not mind, income, social sparring, it's a mess, but also a medium of 5-6. for them it is love. the shit man takes the women's penchant. scare it, get somebody else. But, can you love a mischievous wretch who is a turn of intelligence, so let the dog's intelligence fall? only the dog is the lowest clean dog. they go in the same way as a dog like a dog. there is nothing wrong with it, they think they have something in common with each other. Enterprising. they do not pay. they do not pay solidaris. they think their financial situation is their success. no, it is not. mas people worked hard, just ok they stole the bugs and penz. so I'm not the sheep. if there is a normal, non-mafia government, when the government of Chechnya credits you, the credit 3x gets back. but where was the farm competition? the police, the consensus, the bureaucracy, the opposition, and who knows how much shit. they never worked, so I can not even work. but I want to iranyitani, and I will send the country. how are you? 15, 7,2 million Hungarians worked in Hungary, and 9,2 million Hungarians lived in the country. today 1.2 million Hungarians work in Hungary, and 2,4 million Hungarians have a flat. true, there are five to five. why do you have so much sleep? Will you go to the chip? It is the Arab world and America, and these jewels can only be cut off with chemical or mas weapons. they insist on the power that, like the patkany, in the mouth of the last wall, it will die. Hungarian allam apartheid, and even today, is equal to the sex of the household. can they do it? No. 85 millio, Hungarian 4.5 millio, today I lose. other migrants, from overseas countries. they cling to the huts. what? what kind of homepages>? I've never been a sheep, they got it from the stall. what are they insisting on? stolen property? they are tired. not only in the movies, but also in the light, there are basic principles that excite the members of the corruption. can be more solid, and people do not come to their data, property, or country that they can come to ... did they think about it? of course there is no reason. find a man-to-be, and discuss it with excitement. and I have 2 waves and I pay for it. or very loud. they can go where they want, the eu's only one country, they do not believe it. they all say mafia. What are the more Eastern Hungarians in the European Parliament? I did not even say a word, that means they can go home. I will tell the people of Unio that, I want to keep these worms, keep them away from them, and not go to school or school?


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