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it is worth reading. a virgin, the primitive animals lived in wien.

I naturally say that I am spending here the karst, the fascist sex and the fascist Hungarian country. the sex was not paid by the helper, now I'm with him like churclie or rosewell, these dices should be removed. They deserve it. but what wien? here women do not love love, sexual relationships. all of them were devastated bitches like their mother. on the corner, on the bus, on the tram, like the animals. intelligence, elegance, or mass, aristocratic trait, can not be recognized. all the qualities here are like the quality of the people. every eye. the European Union, it pays a lot of money, the wisdom of social integration, this is the garden, you can not go to the west half to go further. they will come back with it. only the bastards of the throats are acceptable, this social one. at 7-8 o'clock in the morning you have to get up when you're sick or you've got fucked up and you do not have any programs. this is not a normal thing. the triester strasse caritas, the national socialist getto, the distribution center. Here's where to go, where to go. bigger people than donald trumpf. many of these dachau lagers are half the size of jagdosgasse, and they are eternal security, which is a primitive prettier. There are eight untrained people there. they do not listen to the order, they steal. to steal a poor man to survive a small fortune or to ruin it. why? so that it can not exist. they are like the mafia. socialis segitseg, but not the rusty little people, but the social workers, and the security of eternal respite. they get paid, the poor people pay a hundred penny, the poor man is a slice of bread, or not. this is the whole world of animals. people here are here, there is no need for sexual intercourse, normal etel, culture, silence, tranquility, or culture. for them, the mosle, is a good match. nobody else said that it was not me, except me. but what do you have to do is to find any European social service and life? Unio, Boson is a big problem. because it does not regulate this. eo ombucman, a figure figure like a hill, can laugh at it. who does not really stand up to the people's rights. the anty-diskriminirung, though you're a mafia yourself. the trouble, the leaders of the caritas, the big homosexuals, or the unqualified people. these are the ones that have been created for their own needs. it is terribly puretan, primitive, and more pronounced, than the human being. wien varous, usual, people sleeping in the street? what? Everyone is sleeping in bed. the silence is quiet and warm. it is warm, the umbrellas are often dormant with an open window, the smoke goes. why do not they sleep in the street? I do not understand. Of course, because the unio pays the freezer, unio pays the salaries I work for a donut, and this mafia is not interested in the sporolas, culturally corrupting creatures. 21, primitive people, sadistic animals, lead the wien social mafia. but why does not the unio check it? if you are so rich with the unio, throw the money out of the window, pay me 800 euros a month, which has ruined the gender. far more than wien any social help, because I can not claim anything from abolition. pay for me personally.


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