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Europa, Schweiz:


normal people do not spend time, a euro or a dollar, invest in schweiz, or mass european countries. the jollet, the result of a vile policy, based on the East and Coeuropean standards, is based on the tone. schweiz's technical level, is far behind the Hungarians 20 years, the primitive, naive, omnipresent of people. they are scratching and throwing gold. they do not have the right to use a scratch card or a sticker. Rassism, Organs of xenophobia. the same unbearable conditions are laid, an Eastern European ingioner, and a defeated beggar who has no profession. with no social security, the Americans or mass cops could afford it. it is full of menacing people who give them free food, but they do not get any shit. the ministers of the ministers of social affairs and the ministers of socialist ministers do not differ. In Austria, it is already a social one, only the cramped East European mafia, the cigarettes and the more scarier people are giving social services. schweiz is terrible. 10% of people have internet. not even a Geneva resident, what kind of country-wide schweiz. steals social workers. Terrible. NONE IS FASISZTA, there is the problem, the fuel is burned, the people are lost, but the social superiority exceeds the schweiz level. the quality of the people is scattered there too. the women's knot, nothing was missing. they have no control over them. like the gep is working. the Schweiz man is as much a demand as an animal. sleep, eat, shit ... that's not a joke. but what about those things, what do tomers pay for? this is also the answer. to make masses of people happy. where there are great powers, there will be all the strengths. Schweiz has already seen this, where there is neoliberal terror, it is a social terror, the mass of which is the gender where concrete fascist terror prevails. the social situation, the boundaries, and the level of demand. genf, but zurich: if you have no sleep, you can sleep on a mattress or over a 3-level brain, in a room with 50 people. the 1 nm2 of jute air, above it, exceeds it, the humans do not suffocate. these are animals. there are so many habitats in ursen schweiz, 8.5 million people live there, 56 million lakes, lakhato lakes. This means that if everyone lives alone, he would have stayed 49 millionth of a lifesaver. they did not do that. both the neo liberalis and hITLER IS. This word order, putyin and orban, and the leaders of the former socialist countries. if they give you good people, their people, if they do not. only the eastern europe is the leader of this, only the ones who are wealthy, have nothing to do with them. they are the largest in the 21st century.



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