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internationally aware of Fascism



the world over against the mafia and deceit.
I worked in Wertheim, I worked with 7 Hungarians. one of them stole my phone. I went to report to the police, the police refused the alleged appeal. He took 600 euros because he first handled my hand, and I knew ... of course, his 112 colleague, the kotelezo mucked him in the first place, which he could guilty of 10 years. now I pay for a servant for the police. and the policeman did not even look for him, he just wanted to get rid of him. I report fraudulent, corrupt and organized bunozoic groups, my colleagues from Wertheim and my colleagues in Hungary. I want a national feeling, against fascism, the denial of the Holocaust, the deceit, and the local mafia mob. and the police are deceiving because they have been crippled by the fair law of the electorate, this is a fraud and a crime ... I am the europol, the fbi, the olaf, and the lawsuit, to go in the same /../// and all people round, everywhere in the world, familiar with fascism.
you can not deny it, the dirty policeman, I was in the police station, there the paper took away from the 600 euro .... more this mafia will not rob anyone and harassment. everywhere in the world, I find civilian control in the fascist countries as the police inspector, and if my rights are violated once, I will call the US and NATO leaders, I will bring the army against the mafia and the police, it can not be. Fascism is armed power and dictatorship. this is it. mafia rendorseg dictatorship. enough of the allami chihuahua who pay 3 to 7000 euros in pay from the taxpayer's pocket and they get cheated and rob you. enough ... Hitler thought he could do anything, but there was a point where people said no to Nazi allatra. the point is now.    I have the right to respect the law, nato leader, and us leader, and usa and vladimir putyin ur, level to turn if maskepp does not go, armed soldiers are horizons of order and legal system in europaban. European leaders are also losers. as well as the USA. The United Nations and US, in exceptional cases, have the right to strike the army as well ....the enemy, deployed an armed hero, Serbia, where similar local mafias dominated the country ... it is similar to the nobility, and it has the right to immune interference.

I worked for everything I paid, and I paid for the gender and the Hungarian allam, 2 lofts, garages were stolen, the police armed nazi mafia aided. my name will not be dirty, a primitive, idiot policeman who does not do anything to be lazy to work, it only shakes me ... adojan ... civilian control, we put every half of the policemen in place ... and observe them.


idezet soros gyorgy, es segelyszervezetek reszere irt levelembol.....


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