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Hungarian people on a bowl

Hungarian people on a bowl...


there is already bad. it's worse. zuerich is a priest of Erdely, the man already. there were 1 to 2 physicians, already a man and already a specialist. there were 1-2 electricians at the level, but people are alright, but they are very bad. the wealthy Hungarians, the terrible, ... the most talented gyorgy, already a man, o the sake of wealth to help some people. contrary to Hungarians who are rich in Hungarians, who lose Hungarian people's pennies. many of these are in the key. but where there is hunger, there is misery in the north. they do not like Hungarians. the culture of western Ueropai is known. but the labor market is terrible, social help. this could be dead. people are not a hero. a primitive ass job, no matter how much you are afraid, you're not the only one. but not a doctor, if he is crazy, and he is gentle, and despicable. a lot of borton can go to europabe epiteni and, perhaps, it will swear to rich and despicable people. and of course to corruptify the maximum. and the people of the poor people are the ones who are in the mood, but they have nothing to do. the human rights bribes, the terrible primitive level, strike people, they can be heard.


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