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Europe is a devastated piece of land ... no language is fascist, the French has a lot to say, many are afraid, it's terrible, England is far away and it does not help. Martin Sulz and the leader of Europe, did a true gesture but did not give anything. every allam, badminton, with me .. the sex is a fascist and very primitive allat ... the euro's eye nepe. English, there is culture, there is a job, you just do not want to help ... schweiz normal, but did not work. French, decent, but I look like an eye on a hill, migrans has laid it there. austria, east european eye drops. there is no normal country. Sir Sir, Junkers, and Martin went on to make a mistake with the fact that he did not focus on Europe ... the craftsmanship, the art of painting, the hat, the eyes, nothing but dozens of puppets, who have no power or nothing .. populace of populace is 90% primitive peasant .. 10% poor man. they are leading Europe. there is no normal country, the European union, the leader of the worm. england, sved, norwegian, schweiz normalis, none eu tag-allam. not even the Netherlands will not be ... throwing billions out of the window, the eu is a leader, socially successful, I'm going to get a filler in it. the mafia dominates the social system. 5 well, I've known many countries and social systems. the whole mafia. only schweiz is a small social aid, all other mafia. they help the primitive trolls of a given country, who work there, are socialist. they are all primitive dances. they bring home billions, steals, inhumane animals. and all the money paid by the poor people to the eu, or the mass of the country, is taken home as a fossil record. Europe labor market is terrible as well. there is no quality, it is only a scrap of everything. US monoseg, eu scraps. the biggest mistake was made by Junkers and Martin Sulz, who worked for 25 euros and paid for them, he trusted member states, he or she did not, if he did not work. Of course, he does not give the Fascist gender, not the Hungarian, who took away two of my loopholes, with the bailiff ... and the migrants give them 2000 credits. ok they never worked, they paid for it. I want a big continent, america. Canada or the United States ... and if these people have a man of profound, low estimation, Martin Sulz and Junkers help in collecting, collecting and copying the money, and paying the bill for the non-allam and the Hungarian repayments 2 , 5 millio ... and, in turn, Europe. USA or Canada, receive official papers right away, so it's okay not to lay waste, to waste away, to accept the right people ... If I am helping, I am the US leader to want to get out of here and I will do the paperwork in america because these are animals. the sex is allat, the Hungarian allam allat. the other mafia ..-- I'm a job, a socialist, a pensioner, an outsider, a bartender, and then a retired, and a safe country where the allami employee is not stolen, the social system does not shake people and trusts the hard-working people ... the gender is 90% primitive, a school of non-peasant peoples, and almost all this with people. well ... but the other allam is like that ... I did not learn anything here, idiot I have nothing to lose to people.I am in the middle of a social village, herzog seagmuller, where every 5 squatting schools have caught sight of social work 2-3 audi or a bmv, and a man of much more sophisticated people than me, 4 euros a day, problem to pay ... these are not human beings ..



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(ILO, 2019.01.11 20:59) www.roxy-joker2-3-4-5- okey, 6-7-8-9- no okey. london no nazi, only rassist, and polizei politikers no correckt info give. for you ideal, USA english or ausztralian, where have culture, and girls beautifool, and clever, and clima is good... give for you normalle job USA or english, only go. we look for you help..... but find or no......


(roxy-joker, 2018.06.09 19:19)

Je préférerais travailler pour un travail et payer un travail normal. mais jusqu'ici, la régio française, en un seul endroit, nous a donné un temps normal pour un petit moment ... il y a beaucoup mieux dans les Hongrois, il y a même 20 croix tous les jours, leurs maisons, voitures, sexe, les plus belles femmes, garazs, et tout ça ... peut-être que les Français vont parfois abandonner cette qualité ... si aujourd'hui et le cul de l'homme français est un miracle ... le sexe est fasciste et complètement risible. vous gardez des arias purs, mais ils explosent tous sur les Chinois. il avale comme un disney, primitif comme un allot ... en français aussi, beaucoup de ces gens, surtout en charcuterie ... mais quand serai-je chanceux, vous connaissez des gens qui sont dignes et doivent manger, vivre et travailler normalement? c'est une recette, un poète français, qui cherche dans un environnement primitif, et veut donner une chance aux Français ...







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