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Hitler and his team will go tonight. Gender leader in Europe, for the last few days. Does he moan? So cleans the limp cigany .. he fucks people. He will be sick ... just like Europaba, a lot of people are missing. Chinese, 3 billion, Arabic, Nigerian, Russian, Spanish, ... ... hit Hitler, they will be against it. Your affection will come to light. Europe does not want a Hitler, who is now not tanked, but burned with food. You do not want sex rooms. You do not want cars, technology. I know a few people, you do not know the technique of getting married, you enter your home, the secret service. And after that, he just does not know why his body is going tonight. Of course, you can go to ton-ton ton, america too, but is it already? Even so, no. Is French better? France does not give anybody anymore .. only the black jack of the biscuits. Do you want black color europe? no. The English whore, they do not care. But if it goes to euro, if the US economy is not going to make Europe a servant. What is it already? The noble, the fascist allam, and the fascist fascist allam powers, to weaken. Not so complicated. If there is no migrans, there is no workforce, a host of nuts, and 1 even in the floor. There is no more epitaph, there are no more socialists, no men of fascist oregon, because no one has this penchant. The leader of this Europe could help but probably do not want to. If people stay. Some half of the countries have to be dealt with. Belgium, holland, england, schweiz, spanish, sved. The primitive sellers are laborious, they do not have so much to do with working in the country, and falling into their own. The big black man faces fascist allam, pay me a monthly 4oo + 4oo euro unemployment sign? Okay, that fucking mother is right. And I'm looking for the entire East Country Government to get rid of the workers in the country. Then we will talk about it again if you are on epiphanies, no one works, no one, and no nover in the corb. I had my own country, Hungarian, I had 2 apartments, a car, a garage, a nice caretaker. But the gentle lazy, the no-man, the mumble, the mourners, and the mourners. Which brought the Hungarians a safe and secure way. It's time to fight fascist nations. Masik is Hungarian. The whole Hungarian system should be done tonk. Hungarians and Hungarians do not have a lot of goats. Great roman, bulgar, and slovak live there. Hungarian is not much. But the mafia, the police and the bosses, politicians. They can be toned like nuts. To go there to work in the country. After only the voralberg jon, who belongs to it, was made to the ton of the car. It's just a little regio. They can be done smoothly. Drink it, tourism. The tourists must be terrorized. There are plenty of idiosyncrasites, many idiots who steal, pennies, rongall turita cars, oil on the roads. Believe me if you're pissed and you want to change your destiny, take 1 liter of engine oil and roll in a bend over it. You can hear people. But the merry, etel is not merry? But the rich lousy man fuels the deer. Get rid of them. And it will be solid, because it's bemw, audi does not mind, o just a patkany, not a man. And he does not respect the order. If you turn a bend into a liter of engine oil, you give human rights to those people who have taken these items. I believe the Arabs because of fanaticism. But not because of terrorism. To bring someone to fold if I fold my own. It is a legitimate consequence of terrorism that many times, whatever a fascist regime is. Put it on your way to the sun, and if a rich man dies, your life will be better. Do not name your engine oil. But you may also have a chance to get on the road. Schweiz, deutshland, france, on the road, calmly. And it will be better for you. Make it nonsense, because the patkany does not even name the name for the merry food. do. everybody.



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