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Hitler; neu information aus Hitler, google+ tom schwuler social mafia.polizei im linz, gestollen meine diclofenac pulfa medikamente, and this change 1 manipuloert medikamente, this make pluss allergie. Im wien , all social stelle have 1 polozei tetorist spyon, hier ottakringer str. 20 , all people speak mi, name huba elekes! People speak, this people pitmake 3 mont my computer, and yetz Hitler fuhrer toxin mi.  Gratulation from people tax, beautiful groven, polozei, mafia im wien! Information 97% good people speak mi. All. People 90% no idiot, no sadist gypsy, but polizei this! And spyons this! Where is legal advisers? Legal advisers havent email adtesse in 21 centry wien? Im sorry, normalle Europe? And europe parlament, council, Fra, anty-diskriminirung anwalt jetz where? For all i senden email, please help, but cortuption or? Where Olaf currier, sovial mafia lot of milliard euro futz all jeard from people tax! Where eu ombucman? For all send i letter, but where? FRA, eu ground rights agency? Where? Polizei where? Polizei only primitive thinks know make, toxin this no? But in my blut, why high 1-2 material? Antwort? Wien in grappa , mafia town? Why i find no hier, inteligente, clever people, szexy-no-strassegirls, clever and qualotat? What happyned wien? 1 big balkan mafia all town? Im wien social-jpb ministers, why no go whits mi eat? Why? This is 1 mafia or polotik extrrmination? Where only grappa have rights live, high qualotat people no? I have E210 allergy and my immun system no strong, i dont no eat, and drink im 35celsius im wien. But caritas mafia no give mi money, you eat? What is tjis? Extrrmination. Than Hitler was! But Hitler 3-x ende. Havent sir Hitler for you lot off time, have russia, china, amerika.....  



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(Dorthim, 2017.07.23 21:00)

yours trgedy, europe primitive people. if you want change, your look for 1 normalle continent, or, europe west salt. Europe german speak, bad, people primitive and, no good. havent rock, sport, kulture, only west salt. english, svedish, or others continent... europe migrante waste, and this no change... europe people bad.







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