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his is a race-extermination

this contradiction that I can be eliminated, a last straw, where the circumstances are met by themselves in the Balkan mob and needs of converting, to safeguard human health .. This is none other extermination of a species out. a species of European intellectuals who-extermination. everything that is valuable, which is more than the average, the aid organizations, who are degraded. the tiger on land, but the water-caritas together and give him to eat worms, because the catfish is good and I'm happy for him. The pig is a little short tail is wagging the Moslem given to him after eating, and I'm constantly sick from him .. Why? this is a race-extermination

The law of the European Union's funny

Act passed, fish, fish tank when you can not, because if Korb swim, go crazy from him. but it does not interest them, the thousands of letters I wrote to them days, patients can not sleep, eat, but nothing has changed ... schweiz expelled because it is not in the EU, so they're a little too Moss hands .... vile thing.



I understand that the hospital not a hotel, the idiot doctor does not understand that my organization does not understand that you should not eat and sleep. simply the abdominal muscles do not understand why they need 24 hours to myself to carry 40 kilos bag when there is space, but to a fascist employee does not want to help .. my organization does not understand that you should not feel dizzy, sick, one hours' sleep, stupid organization, you want to fall ala the bus because they are taking what hunger does, it can not give a theorem edible Caritas, and for a group of friends can learn .. I hope not killed beat. photo of the submitter. I'm not gay, but my friend and be a witness to the cruel sadism. They do not understand my organization, I wake up in loud places, such as, gitarmuvesz, very good progress. the immune system, do not understand when it's cold, why not go to a warm place, you crazy, or even impossible. Not suitable. One day, after 24 hours, the human body needs 8-10 hours of sleep, and, no, but it is not how I am and 3 meals and 3 liters of drinkable liquid, toilet, washing, and clean air. will not be immune, click on coral has a maximum die because of an idiot, you're an idiot mafia members who manage AID-organisms.


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