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FRANCE, europe best desperate and malevolent

so there was no country in Europe that could not eat somewhere. but there is one. French schweiz schweiz. those who give 4-5,000 chfs of income, 4-5 unprofessional schools are narrated negro or Arab donkey, they publicize social cause, there begs the whole novel ... a liar. French is one of the fairest species. I scolded a lot of sex, but I did not give a shit, work, normal. the French nothing. I got sick in the morning, because yesterday morning, I got a manipulation or a drink. at 8 o'clock in the morning I went to the dormouse, bought 3 gastric juices, and now I'm sick of this. they are not allowed to eat ... such a wicked species of cigars are not in a european., the roman is similar, but it is not so bad. at such a level there was no country or sachweiz, for example, because of the French ...


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(p, 2018.01.28 13:49)

hey france make extermination, france this defekt.







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