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evolucio-revolucio hungary-europa

Dear Visitor, Orban Victorian and 1 Million Hungarian Fascists are still alive ... Let's get together:
1, not the orban viktor is the main problem, but the Hungarian language, working for 1 million Fascist employees ... all the Hungarian parliaments of Europe: gonc kinga balczo zoltan etc.
2, no matter what wien gypsy mafia says ... you do not know anything. the wonders I say, the US president, and the eyes and the moon ... the wien mafia for the merciful, will soon be liquidated,
3, Hungarian, no wien haupbahnhof. a little more beautiful. buy a piece of steel.
4, some tiny cigany says I'm an orban viktor. no, I'm not the one who was stolen. all the Hungarians in Siracusa orbis, all of them, so I can leave them all.
5, this is not a fight. you can join, but do not want to go hungry Hungarians, I want to liquidate 1 million employees. this is our essence. the Arab migrans were not allowed. against all the neighboring waves they are opposed. not I. I'm not the one who fights on fascists.
6, if someone is listening to the wien dirty cigane that they will not catch, he'll be able to get the TEMET COLOR LIST: you can blink the lame bitch mother and bark, not me. your sovereign right, you want to discard you or not. I do not get into it. if you wanna go to the gypsy street, you'll be the quiz. to fight against the Fascists, cool and winner.
7, do not halgass man, just what's on my website. there are many despicable people, millions of people are stolen from you, and they want trouble. untraceable as a wien gypsy, who has been kidding for kids and idols, because it is a peculiar genetic waste that will be liquidated. as a dumbbell as a dumbbell can craving, channel, but we'll find it.
8. Wien color is a great use of the mafia, it is from the black workman. so come here to every point of the viläg, and embellish the epitaphs. when there is nothing to lose, we can easily liquidate them.
9, there are plenty of Hungarians working in food and drink. they did drugs that I was sick and kids were sick and died. they are ruining their soviet debt. Serbian, Ukran, etc. all the same. who works in a kitchen, wien and wien, automatically works in the food industry, kill him. and you're going to make the farmhouse. do not take the pen as a thief, kill him. just like a dude, a sunny guy. merge it ,. hustle it off, break it down. as you did. the dregs have no rights. no one will investigate it.
10, if my website contains information that you can not hear from me, you say something like a cigane, send it to the urma mother where it came from, and it's the nose of the lousy cricket.

so much so that we can put together a beautiful, beautiful, humorous European, patkany and genetic defect. do the same thing with a fascist limb. it's just fun. stealing. put it all away or spit it home. but not the hard-working man, because you're going to fuck hard. there is no need for the buds.
there are plenty of migrans here. roman, serbian, neger. a handful of my eyes. you already have people. half of them were lazy to work. send home, all the countries that they have set up, go and eat their bread that is ok, I do not want to throw people away.



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