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europe umiom max. 5 yeárs catastrofa

Or politics, migration, tonight-making Europe. Islam, neger, installed here. Europe deserves it. Viktor or ... europe 1, clever politician, but the, despicable. Islamic Hungary stops ... knows where Islam is, everything is revealed. Fascist Politics ... I was robbed of. A phasistor animal. Islam is not solidarity ... not very strong but normal as many Hungarians. America, unfortunately, nothing is wrong. Something to do without, unholy. Putyin is strong but not solid. There are many different religions, truth, and not many ... if it were fair, he would have fired Hungarians. But it is not. No, very disgusting. Primitive and fascist. But with a lot of concern, it's the quality of Europe ... a lot of scraps. Female status, criminal. Wien University, no matter where you are, you are not a miskolc dish. Primitive, stone, scrap, all. scrap. criminal. I can get anglia or canada instant help, visum, all ...



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Miskolc Ungarn

(Petra, 2017.06.24 18:57)

deine haup poblem mensen quälität. äll welt mensen quälität problematic, wien 1% lebens quälität gebe dir, als miskolc gebe war. ja, das grosse problem, mesen...







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