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europe parlament: extermination... this is no humor.

europe union parlament make extermination?

1, eu burger lohn                                                          2500-9000 eur/mont

2, schweiz burger lohn                                                 5000-25000 chf/mont

3, asyl migrante lohn                                                    1200-1600  eur

4, asyl im schwei                                                          4000-7000 chf / mont

5, primitive migrante mitarbeiter lohn                          2000-4000 euro/mont

                                                                                    5000-9000 chf/ mont

6, europa intelligentsia  als ic h lohn                               0-   10 eur/ mont

                                                                                        0- 50 chf/  mont


das extermination

this ius extermination       




what is this? is a new 3-year-old wartime to create a new world order?
an eu polgar payment of 2500-10.000 euro ....
a schweiz 5000-25000 chf
a migrante asyl 1000-1200 euros + costumes frei zimmer essen + lernen
1 europe burger als ich 0 - 10 euro extermination direct nazi political.
these are the rule of thumb. and the torment is brought by the parliament. there is no need for a big logic, the fascists work in the European Parliament. of course the brave leaders, at the level of a local fascist undersea people. they are against the people. they are like pioca, they are too lazy. Orban Viktor 1 as well. but there are many. Solidarity or Strength is not typical. the social services were tailored to their requirements. are like primitive aces.

I do not know much about it, politicians in Europe are kidding me, European politics. this is not my case. I flew to the west of Europab, the Orban and the Fascist allam terror, who took two of their own, took full life..  the wealthy, wealthy, Hitler-type rich men, and I do not want to be happy with them, they need people who do not think. primitive like a finger. eating, drinking, sleeping, and so much more. for me it's much worse. gentlemen, teleproots for the people of the neck, people of Europe waste. there are 2 free drinks, drink, accommodation, and if you do not work, keep people away. People from the continent, 2 free from the eu field and schweiz. i have a maximum of 2 days for free. it does not have to be further developed. Hitler and his men are in the dontshozo position. parliament. who can not put them. what do you want to do, absolutely nothing. you do not need to work like a primitive slap. who can not bear it. primtivseg will be very close to you. like me. who have been part of the social system, as the social ministers, are based on their own demands. a patche's demand for a warrior hole where you can engage yourself, dig up something to eat and drink. it takes the place where he is eating. I do not have higenia, I'm sick, I'm sick. But there is a man, its characteristics. man is looking for a bargain, you sure can, you can not. who are from a Sator in Western Europe, like 1-2 Romans or asylum, their ass is a huge advance. they live in a home, they eat eaters eaten. they grow in the street, they are the right place for them. but it is not such a Hungarian standard. it only grows in its own home, calmly relaxing. no matter what you eat. he has studied a lot, so he can do serious tasks. he has a strong position, he is already guided. clever. good look. well groomed. a totally mas race. but what about them, a parliament made up of primitive animals or a social mafia: wien .. is a resemblance to the animals, a high quality ferrite, engine oil. then goes tonk. get the fix, wien putry guild. it has also given a normal place of work, but there are plenty of primitive pools there. the Belgian too. but I'm not a primtive electric shocker, electronics. I want electronic fancy work, that's what I want, and I want to do it, but I do not want a primitive wicked cigar. who is interested in what to do with the bones I want. and go to the whore even in her mother, who told me she did not have a baby, the photo, her pussy. I will look at the CIA and KGB, and the Chinese Secret Secrets, all those who gave false infamousness. I'm not scolding you. because they deserve it.

and I want people to help me, not the help of my own need, because I can get a job, ask me what to help me.



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