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Europe labor market

the big multi, the immediate ones do not employ the greatest workload. the mafia is the only person with whom he is. these are the middlemen. to the media, the mafia of all countries. where either Serbian or Slovene is, it is a job for the Slovaks or the Serbs. since I am the greatest enemy of the Hungarian, so I am a talented mafia, I do not even get a job. if I do, I'm 1-2 Romani or Serbian, but I do not get a normal job. no one checks for these jobs. there are a lot of laws, but no one controls it. billionaires all, people from the plunder. they do not pay anything, no cosmetics are wearing. and there is no party to the clubs. if the worker does not get over it, the statement, does not pay off or denounce ... it's a mafia for the whole labor market. this is a scrap today for all rooms in Europa ,. both. tall, but untouched bumps get bored, the bumblebee workforce does not get work. it's a bunny, and not normal, like a ferrari, it's a skull on the ground. europa pazarlo es non normális.


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