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europe change-change want
betrug gemacht ungarn....   nazi teror war das.      wo ist haben ungarn mitarbeiter bei firma, meine lohn nicht bezahlen mafia in deutshland.  
For Tom:

everyone has a minimum quality. I have it. I'm just barby baby with a nice and nice romance. I only drink pilsner urquel beer, or tenessy wisky or boorton wisky, of course there is also beer. The eyes will be of good quality. and I'm sorry. if someone does not understand it, it's a primitive one. there's nothing big here or there, I'm just such a genetics, and I do. but this is a primitive people, there is a lot of conflict. That's a big problem, I got Hungarian primitive balls and I took it for 25 years. a lazy car, a garaj, an existent, a barnett, everything. so I'm scolding them right and back. more and more people are coming with me, they've got to know those rumors too. an ever-growing leader of politics, starts with me because it was down. that's what I worked on. my best friend! the European Union, however, should not double, because Hungarian knots are looted, there is a lot of trouble in the core, plus you can do it because I'm pissed off. na äljj. not a buntetest, but a strong amateur.


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ha barhol, barmi serelem er, vagy nem tetszik...

(egy jobarat, 2017.10.31 03:06)

egyszeruen fenykepezd le... es tedd fel az internetre... megoldodik 2 napon belul a problema. barhol a vilägon.. nem reszletezem, ennyit kell tenned, de mär az egyetemistak es sokan mäsok megteszik helyetted. senki nem akar fasizmust, igy rengeteg ember melled ällt.

We want

(CIA-schweiz-germany, 2017.10.30 20:23)

We point to for europe parlament and hungary grappa, you normalle slleep 20 days yours 25 years. Wienna primitive people . Chur 1 house 50 million chf, wien 2 millio euro, budapest 0,3 million euro, bucarest 0,1 million euro! Why? People qualitat others!


(V.P big, 2017.10.30 20:17)

Europa Unio , Hungary people big problem. 2002 lot of hungary people commen to europe parlament. All whits smal bags. Yetz all 2-3 lusxus house in belgian , 2-3 house. 15000 euro money/mont. All. 1 no want help you. In europe parlament 1 italy, 2 german want help for you and Martin Sulz. Why, why no send to house europe thise mafia people? This make your havent money. You dont no normalle sleep, eat, live whits girfrends in normalle house. All hungary in europe parlament Roman bulgar primitive balkan gypsy, but for you no give platz, house, only primitive wien in balkan people bettwen. I know, hungary all nazi, this people make your extermination. But this andrestegend no I, europe parlament idiot or Nazi?

secret data contollert wien mafia... no stopp... Tom ill, thise gypsys make this

(Amerika, 2017.10.30 19:10)

Why do you contorol te money? wien and budapest have made your health healthy. there was nothing penzed, these wicked cigany breasts, they said, have pussy, do not give it to her. now you have the osszeys sickness benefit. there is nothing. sleeping in a holy place for beggars, threatening these people. I'm sorry for fucking moms, this is what I do, and it's a cultural mess. go to their whore mother.

hey koszos cigany wien es budapest... van neked kurva anyad, es abbol beveteled, igy a tema az anyad legyen.

(Amerika, 2017.10.30 18:41)

elnezest, de mi a kurva anyjat kepzel az europai parlament, polizei es wien primitive grappa? ezek az idiota , semmit nem ero koszos csocselek, akarjak contorrl, hol van nekem bank szämla? A kurva cigany anyad, azzal foglalkozzal, nekem nem egy tetves cigany vagy egy rendor mondja majd meg, a gyerekemnek, vagy baratnomnek veszek-e ajändek vagy nem. takarodj a kurva cigany anyadba, oda, ahol nem erlek el. es gyorsan, tetves cigany. azzal foglalkozz te tetves cigany, volt nekem 2 lak#äs, garage, es auto, hogy azt vissza fizesse a magyar ällam es az europai unio. ertheto, tetves koszos gypsy ...

hey gypsy in wien-budapest. have yours gypsy muther, tema this. no Tom

(Amerika, 2017.10.30 18:40)

but what the fucking mother is with the European Parliament, polizei and wien primitive grappa? these idiots, nothing I was dirty dick, I want to contorrl, where is my bank bark? My fucking cigany mother, I'm not going to tell me a lousy cigany or a policeman will tell me if I buy a kid or a friend or ajandek. get out of my whore's cigany where I'm not. and fast nigga. deal with your limpish cigar, I've got 2 lakes, garage, and auto to pay back my hungarian and european unio. ertheto, lousy dirty gypsy ...







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