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eu. new human ground rigths defenderrs.

schweiz is not a member of the European Union, but it is a Sengen country, so human rights are being enforced and enforced. naturally flexible. a nigger who is a sattelite or a roman who is a good friend of a genfi ​​lego cellar, but not a European citizen of a state of the art, must provide him with the lowest level he has in the previous year. "lower, not maximum"

I want a human rights commando. USA, UN RUSSIA, CHINA. military intervention as well. their duty is 1, the unmistakable fulfillment of my human rights. 2, check, the social mafia mafia, give me a 3o chf day, because I have an allergy and no one can cure, be sick to buy batteries. 3, check that if you like a young no, I get it or not, and what kind of jerk you fly away. 4, check that the food has been consumed, so that Hitler does not have a chance to dump me, with tarosite and more beautiful drugs.
5, check that in a quiet room, keep sleeping for 10 hours, is smooth.
6, check where the social mafia finds me, I have this unilateral 12nm2 private sphere.
7, if you reject a young man with a false urge, he contacts you, the fbi, and fra, and the investigator, the holistic prostitute or a drug mafia member or a national socialist movement and responsible for the holly.
8, check if you do work for me, if you do not, give me your money, give me a paycheck. He has the rights to do it.
9, check that the details of the person are in doubt. (an enchanted room with only one key and 1 key only)
10, if somebody makes a bargraph or moves, this is a bracelet, 8x busts, and koteles the law.
11, if you do not want or can, you will be able to find a suitable place for a regio, if you are kotelez segely these organizations, Hotel valo placement and pay it.

if you have a heart attack or a suspicion of it all, you must go straight to the cornea, the doctor will check it out, and you will pay for it, pay for the last one you have paid for or paid for. if the social mafia encircled it in one place with ebay, and it was time to pay early treatment, and 35 chf orabel, to pay TOM's hand. If you can not sleep or relax somewhere, because you are paying for the noisy, instant-minded hospitality, the social mafia, because no one can be provoked or terror can not, has the right to sleep at least 10 hours a day.

Fotóright is the human breast. and the human breastpiece is as compliant to everyone's physical and mental strength, proper elbana, accommodation, etel, environment. This is the case with Tom's case (Tom was a gitarmuves, an electrical technician, he was an exorbitant person, but he did not get fucked, 160 iq, a movie) (that man can not get rid of the dudes) (and he can not do anything a lower level schoolgirl or a social worker.) and he is a 4-year-old school in the case of rotten dudes.


videos wie provokation fur Tom:

24/24 uhr videos nonsens, stopp, 1 commando make next human rigths. 


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