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EU or hungary nazi? or-or...

idiot european people. ! Hungary has a hard hit in europaban. only dumb man can be driven so far. Hungary was like a schweiz and an English high culture. Of course I was busting, but not as much as today. today almost 97% of my buddies. Until 2002, Hungarians were Hungarians. now a Balkan no man's land. to go out of the country under my power, under Orban's power. and this was the beginning of the previous government. Orban, and Gyurcsany, these are only the ballads, the Hungarian fascist great power, the employees of the city, the nep-irts and the sadistic ones. In the Hungarian language the doctor had 99% diploma, today 5% is a diploma doctor. there are no doctors, without an organization, doctors 'degrees, civilians without a middle school, without the help of those who have been seduced by the robbed Hungarians' fortune. they should be eu guided, excited, not to exclude the orsdag from the eubah, the leaders of the Hungarian country, from the practice of public affairs. and I do not want to let the EU go to the EU. the ones that were at home, they would not wake up, those who are in Hungary. one thing they give them orb. if they did, they did not agree with him to seize weapons and fight against the Hungarian fascists. but decide where to go, not all the sodrodo winds, the wastes back and forth. I want to give you what schweiz is doing. check where she lives. if you have a home in Hungary, do not leave it in the country, stay for 30 days, and have a price of 500 euros. schweiz is so clean, it does not burn trash. this is just a joke of me, I love you, but I do not want to go there if you are present, 37 chf / hour, work, electrotechnical work, or film editor or actor. can you have such soulful people? Orban wiped out all over Europe. the nephews will not eat, but they will send them to europe. they are either stealing or working there, they will take away the money at home, and the employees will be in dependency. do they give them work? so do not give. who has a wealth of Hungarians. we are going to go home and glorify it.

if you have a wealth of Hungarians, work and go there. which you seek, in your country, do not pass on an obscure part of the world. if you did not give it up, give it up, get it wrong. how do you get rich in the fasitis while in austria, and in the nations and countries, have you mocked? are you Normal? to those who robbed you? go for 120,000huf = 400 eur to work!

I do not get a job in schweiz, normal work, 8-9000 chf / ho, I'm going to spend it there and invest more. sure of the Hungarian fascist shield, it does not cost 1 cent. but not any country.




A mappában található képek előnézete 5-6000 euro bis ich rollstue! danke ne!



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yes, europe. Tom was no 1 job, or bed, Tom was 1 complett egzistenz.

(zola petrovics, 2017.11.21 20:35)



dise medikal fraud, my 2 house, egzistenz, outmake. this is obaut 2 million euro. why, why, no speak europe drivers, please pey hungary, pey back for tom money. please pey.....







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