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etikett in king house


I do not like the king, I'm introducing the unlearned apps. uri-women, prince, chaplain. at the table, we'll always catch him while he's in the king with a wisk in his hand, and it's a sign of the day-dancer prince, the junk. if someone is out of hand, it's pocket-sized, and that's how it is in that lintel ... the princes, after the king, can go out of the walkie-talkie. the first repertoire of the king and of the light-emitting dialect: the little woman, the scallop in the room of the king. the little woman, in his left hand is a bible, in his right hand. in a pocket wisky.ha hawk, the same, only six is a small atomic rocket. the prince, the king of the king, and his wife, and his servants, and the king of the king. peasant, he can only indulge in a chowder in the churl's yard when he picks a big pig. the maid of honor, the king's paratrooper, so he checks, is not ill or sings the king.

the gossips, the virgins, the ceremonial: all the other virgins say in the little cape of the king, where they are miniskirt, squatting and chanting, the king is always the right manna, to bury him. in the midst of the court fool, in the attention of the king, a huge number of virgins,. then the king will play with them, papa-mama play. If the king remembers one of the virgins who are not virgin, someone seeks out in front of him, the virgin goes to the peasants who are afraid of high spirits, often dirt and spades. he is forbidden forever from such a chic apartment.


the king, always in the evening in Pentecost, checks the estate of Chalices and peasants working there. which is not in the genital organs, hanged by storms of lightning, or in a bumblebee.

the chariot yard is forbidden to entertain the following people: police, silence, advisor, Angella Merkel, and Viktor Orban, and Hungarian officers.





A mappában található képek előnézete The King!



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