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do you know, France, schweiz german nazi people driver europa?

what is this neoliberal nazi teror?  please you go, and look for nazi secret getto. 


geneve, schweiz rue des vollandes 35

Abri PC Richemont  Rue de Frontenex 72 1207 Genève
Tél. +41 22 418 97 87
what is the fascist neoliberal world order?
schweiz, france nemet, 290nm2 apartment, 3 cars, deer, all east european and african one getto. 50 people 25nm2 ... this is the neoliberal French-Schweiz terror. Hitler was doing this. they call themselves an associa- tion. The Geneva Civic Master, the bus of Varosara, the first fascist of Europe. neo-liberal fascist. bar of this fascist lord, he would not like to fall into the allotment of the jet., in a 950nm of his own home, and there are 5 houses and 5 cars, and nepirtas, hell epites, get horrible money. these people do not despise me, they deserve a hand grenade. and if East Europe and Africa do not completely scratch and do not want to go to ghettos, far below these fascist gentlemen, they get a hand grenade. the next thing you can sleep 1 or 8 days is that you have to pay. an asylum sleeps 2-3 euros for free, one euro for 1 to 8 days, but you have to pay for it. but the other is not the least. but can you afford to buy a man who does not have any food for such a meal? this is schweiz. a fascist, stupid, despicable people. unfortunately. I would have wanted to fuck it, pretty girls, sex. no. they are not fools, bitches, ferfi are not humans, sadistic animals, and everybody is bothering the mother, 5 chf if you got it. the woman is so genetic defect that a white man is disgusted with. thousands of Arabs or masked people who do not have a high level of demand, and the scraps for them.
that you can do justice? Everyone says if a Western European is not eating, killing or tugging, it will end the neoliberal fascist race, further breeding, and stop fascism. it is right for the Arabs and for the eastern Europe. to pay for theirs. Italian Spanish, Russian, and other European countries, while Western European bitches in a 200nm2 residential area ... they do not give, do not give up, they get hurt. if they are free to buy it for us too. who lives in a Western European country, does not see the human rights of his own. because these sadistic animals.






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