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carrier. Naturally, in a normal country, there are people in the family, to make <somebody's success. A normal country. But the gender, up to such, the oyster is completely destroyed, and the Hungarian is corrupt and primitive. These countries, I do not care about the people of hardworking people.


Hungarian: a corrupt primitive country. The leader is always a malicious person. Lighten ennel is also primitivebbek. Who are more compliant than they, or the Hungarians' arrows, or anybody knowing or hiding them, either in vortex or robbery. Slowly more Roma and Hungarian fold than Hungarian, the vege of this country.


Austria. A terribly backward country. Here is something to come up, THEY ARE NOT YES; Primitive like a finger. There is no mercy here, or knowingly, or a workmanlike work for rhettic people who are wearing, carrying or scribbling. All of its qualities, scornfully scraps. They really think they will leave because they eat, eat, drink, and so many demands. I do not know what to do, because there are so many things to look for, they are looking for billionaires, and no pigs are brought home, which has been UPGRADE; OR PRESENTLY: I do not give a bullfighter bull. Primitive people, you can wait for people to eat like a pig, drink, and so on ... and a place where you lie down, you want to go to bed. These are characteristic of non-European people.
German. There are many worthy people, technique is already. But allam, a nasty, malicious mafia ... technique is the first divisor, but what they eat is not a disgust. Belgian, English, and we are 1 We are: we have nothing, we have no need ... Soldier nep, sleeping, eating, ... there is no equal, no art, nothing .... Technically the European vase, but in the elasticity, Pre-talk, just over a bit, but it is far behind, a Belgian or an English resident.Calm, funny, very ordinary
Belgium. A demanding small country. All qualities. But not very captive. They loved me, but if you wanted to give me France: women are very nice, in contrast with no women. They are nice, but their great joys are terrible for the country's backbone. I do not know how to be a man. terrible. You can help but do the same. He thinks the Roma man is going to work, he does not care, and he thinks he has been educated in the East and in a big crow. terrible. I do not know.
schweiz. : This is the country and Belgium, which is a dwelling. The people of this country, give me the level of intelligence where I know man, more specifically a man. Of course, some gender, too, and many English and French too. Schweiz, women are very nice and nice. I was there to get married, they put the quality of the room with the room. Their social system is 5 times more advanced than the Austrians, a bit above the gender, and the gender is only there, politics, the people of the hard-working people do not afford to find an allast, because one African can live for two, eat, european 3-5 days in one color. High on the social side, but mind, logic, there is not much in it. So there are only those who are sleeping in the streets who sleep in the streets - and they will hardly get them out of the country. Schweiz man, very intelligent, clever, 8O% intellectual worker ... this is the 2 countries that you can, belgium and schweiz. Only the social system of both, and the tonality of Kulfold. These do not give an impression. I do not know the Hungarian, Roman, Serbian, Czech, Slovakian terms of deprivation, the country of its own has taken away everything - it is because in the east, a citizen can not be smarter than the ruling Uralist Fascist ruler there .
Czech Republic. Very much. Pretty women, smart men. The other criminals. It is not possible to escape the owl, the whirlwindIn the east, which was strong, was the Russian standard, the Czech standard, the Hungarian standard, the muvs. The Russian, the more at home, the better, because they putyin their esteem, putyin smart man. But the other, the leader is all hell. He was the lucky man of the East, he opened the Hungarian hat and united the two nations. But now, they are not allowed to eat, but they would have bought a train ticket. Such a sex.
...Slovakian ... a terribly defiled, looted country. horrible.   If anyone knows a viable country, europa, where politics is not anti-math or anti-mujah, the level of intelligence level is 1oo, and it's a standard organization, I'll write it here or email me. Everywhere in the world, England is full of menacles, but the English is already, and it is alright, to remain in America and Australia, which can escape. Just this is not a raid, a rogue in the east, and there is no visa, nor is there anything to lose. So only the bumps get to each country. Canada, england, sved, and the drifts are over there. Pushing them ... it would be worthy of the leaders of these countries, to look for it, a worthy man of honor to whom to help. Email:   Europe is not anything slow. The greedy cousins, some politicians, all the power to do tonight. And I do not know, the argument is to feel like PÄRIZSI REVOLUCION; OR THE ANGOL ::: PEDIG EZ VITTE ELORE THE CONCEPT: ALL THE BUCKLES HANDS JUT; SEMMIT NON ERO BUGS; Like MAD MAX CIMU FILMEN; ONLY THIS IS NOT MOTOR; HANEM SIMPLE WORKS; OR YOURSELF

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