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caritas salzburg, -social mafia...

televizio: in nazi phszihiater   asis, .....  nicht azis nicht.....  only lokalle mafia, lokalle mafia 

Azz mafia whores, determined by the mafia INSIDE lerabolt people who has the right to sleep, who do not .. I went there identified. em it determines who will be the safety of life and universal life insurance is not going to tie anyone .. all our interests to others torturing inhuman mob them and parasitic destruction. When there is a beginning ... haupbahnhof. the man is normal. Gypsy whore, no ...



I write about people who have long since been killed in the east of the society ... ... mafiárol of Salzburg. This 19-year-old innocent girl, one of the leaders of the mafia Salzburg, a policeman's daughter. At the age of 12 was raped by her father works here .... anyone can check to see if the mafiánál ... Caritas notsláfstelle one sponzora, the drug traitor adjacent casino where the lady garden euro 2-3 hours of sexual intercourse ... establishes a cover story, the notsláfstelle only Romanian is .. Romanian, Gypsy mafia, who are one bread, cut anyone's throat .... this mafia introductions covered by Caritas, Organizacion name. a trojan horse. innocent woman wailing beggar appears 1o or the mafia will come with us .. Gypsy mafia. the police, the girl's father, a guest at the casino every day ... Casinu cima Salzburg: 7 Friedensstraße two entrances. Europe and the Balkan ... Balkan responsible for the theft, murder. The European side there are the white-collar gentlemen .... they have your identity is specialized in the recruitment and loans .... The casino is doing her thing of the past and cinnamon in a pot to non-existing house or car, buy up billions kolcsonkent and go home the next day ... azonossagaval their own person .... 3o% of the homeless get beat up .... who dares to talk about it cut his throat. en when the question arises how do I know ... it makes you think I'm fucking FBI agent elpofazta matter .... The facts are the essence of the mafia, the cruelty ... I was taken to the unfortunate people in the theft or murder, do not fail to sleep and put a medicine in his food MITOL stunned ... and then you have fulfilled what we expect to get good food. and sleep. If you try to run away and then they go and killed. these are roman refugee, not recorded anywhere. Organizacion on the whole, a mafia introductions, and European kivőlről leash happens to govern ... just started the fight, the East and the Arab world between us and America met ... who oversees europa mafia market. Thus, all three sides, degrade the area of ​​Europ ... get it cheap for what the primitive austrian ... I'm a persona non grata ... okay, I'll tell everyone except the dealer put them out ... take out a primitive species, and malicious, they deserve it ... That's why the police have not investigated, not one in my right ... because the other side I'm on the wrong side .. is not that I did not parasites of taxpayers' tax on a monthly salary 25öö euros plus a monthly 15OOO euros mafia money. because the banks, companies, No. of stripping after all these mafia penz jar. Therefore there is no job for me neither Hungarian nor austrian country because the mafia observers and all non-waster. Now I start the repayment may owe the Austrian anyway ... it's like a gypsy, I think his peers, the Romanian Gypsies in similar quality. but the mafia gets fucked, I guarantee .... I also wanted to rob. to go there, observing what you do. If you get in a position where the blonde and the brunette slut common, sexy dress (much as a giant-ass, thick-legged woman sexy can be, although the Austrian undemanding species lure a moment the gentleman, signature title while stealing everything. either by calling a free beer, causing collapses and deliver first day of action ... good luck .... Amount can go back to bread. inhuman methods of torturing people ..... Caritas, the mafia itself and many police involved. incredibly, despicable methods torturing people. these police officers, mafia members and genetically crippled Handicapped people laugh outlet ... a woman who would normally not receive it. I have total billions of gain. Salzburg all mafia police, 3-5-15 million house, the brother Name of the mother, the pension 25oo bruttobol euro ..... ....
Europe in the late if the power is no additional hands



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