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car and corrupt germany polizei. my all live outmake this corruption

deny the investigation, it was ruined. but it denies what grounds the investigation into the destruction of objects I'm right? For any fascist or perhaps deliberately, it represents a nazi power? I worked for it, not a policeman, who has never worked in her life is not for nothing, but they produce goods by the taxpayer ... is a policeman, protect me, right? Since then, no car, this deliberate intrusion protect damage. but where the prosecution of human rights defenders, aid agencies, who have many billions of euros and dollars, to beg the taxpayers?

an auto's a pretty big m of not found by anyone ... but for a huge one ... After we should not investigate on the basis of ujlenyomat to be found. but a corrupt Friedrichshafen Polizei, all my life has been destroyed by the fascist, corrupt, bringing Alas ...

, Ruined belongings I did not get back a dollar or euro. When what is the European Union's leadership, many aid organizations, legal aid, prosecutors, human rights and other courts, lawyers, embassy ... Why do you take me these adonkbol? en taxed Hungary 25 years, 5 years and germany ... Give me back my money ... salary of a policeman himself draws the Auto reap +++++


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