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and there is a small problem. a cola.

and there is a small problem. a cola.


the original coca cola already. but I do not know what kind of material they put into wien. the coca cola wien managers have to find him, say, 2 gep gun people. because there is an odd, nerve-like half that the nerve gets intoxicated. with the gernicem, the nerve inflamed and had two muscle joints. in Hungarian, my head does not turn out to be beautiful. there is no health insurance. but the bam Herzlich bruder was a normal physician, but he did not get rusty, so he was not spinning. "Everything was done, and I took a joke box for 2 days. Of course caritas or social mafia wien, in this case it does not provide a bar where I can spend 24 hours. so solidarity is the good guy who will be sick or be kidding or fleeing if he can. I hear more and more places, this great people are leading the socialis sphere in europaban. There may have been a secret Hitler sphere where I teach the inhumane. or so. defect to man.

the cola is not sure, but somewhere the fuck is coming!


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