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Amerika! Good land! President republikan, my live in hungary was good in George Buss in time. Problem only this, amerika people no undestregend no, why tragedy in europe live. Hungary groven best corrupt, es mafia. Europe no correct. I elektroniker techniker. But german no give mibjob, only elektriker. GERMAN people no correct, primitive and havent hert. Hungary yetz primitive grappa. All ost migrante grapoa. I havent platz. I no grappa. I get elektroniker diploma. Hungary groven grappa futz my house, car. German no help. France primitive. Italy havent money. English inteligente and clever but no help es schweiz. My live all qualitat was. Yetz in europe parlament no good people working. 50 hungary working eu parlament. 50×15000 euro salary. 1 no help. Thises people mafia. I live whits diplome, primitive people bettwen. Why stufent i? Why working and tax peyed i 25 years? Mafia get all. Amerika 1 chanse. Amerika , china help mi, if, my egzistenz i back give. Hungary mafia futz my all thinks. I want this back mi. Pleaee all people help mi. Thank you vwery mats. TOM


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(Lisa, 2017.09.25 05:52)

In europe Hitler and balkan waste yours problem. Primitive grappa. Thises people in world havent platze. Hitler make yours live outmake. Primitive grappa , bad jobs, bad live qualitata =Hitler qualitat


(1? Only?, 2017.09.24 23:13)

Oke. You hav" but how many people live amerika, china, 3world? Yors live change. Yetz change! Europe absolute no correct. 0,8 milliard china young girls, and amerika, english, svedish.....


(?, 2017.09.24 23:03)

I know, what want you. You want yours last live. Yetz change situation. Only this ask, where, and er, or ? Peyed. Havent new stopp. Amerika, canada, 3welt, russia, china grune lamp! Go! Good people-good live! Go! We go! Whwere want you live? All continent have 1-2 door, only....go. europe no correct, stopp Eu


(Baaumisult, 2017.09.24 22:55)

You clever man. Okey, you only 1 in world. Yours all thinks finish. But yours have amer8ka, china, arabic frends, but you dont know. Thise good basic 1 new live. This is 1 secret "money"lot off money! This people leter change to money!


(Unesco, 2017.09.24 21:14)

Usa, Ru, china no bad!


(Gott, 2017.09.24 21:11)

I undestregend no, but you live bad was in 1 town, this town go down in ocean. Miskolc, wien, salzburg, munich, ...... gott" gott"


(Josefin, 2017.09.24 21:06)

Hi. Tom, we no speak for you, but Obama Barack good president was. Obama was in germany, and you leiter give normall job! Yetz new President. New president good. Only time, Tom Time. All Amerika know, what happined. Was controll. Hungary corrupt. Obama time, only small diplomacia contact was USA-Hungary bettwen. As yetz. Hungary corrupt. Merkel i dont kno wat make, no correct. Eu no correct. This big problem.


(Huston, 2017.09.24 20:56)

HI! WHAT IS PROBLEM? USA and Canada groven, people whits you positive reakcion. Waiting Tom, 1-2 days no lot time. Change thise situatio 100%! In world first man, Donald Trumfp, but mi live, mi want good live, for mi, for you! Waiting Tom! Yors in live yetz 3 big land give best positive reaktio. Usa , Canada, no bad reakcio russise , china, and live you, 1-2 small land. This positive! You as 1 amerika man, communikation in neu US! President in home page. Lot of people interesting yours homepages, videos! Yours have credit, hungary gtovens no. Vaiting Tom!


(Igor, 2017.09.24 20:45)

Okey. For mi, good was europe. Yetz good. But havent qualitat, this problem. Whits Mercedes, whits bmv grappa trawelling. Grappa. People qualitat tragedy. 60% havent schoole. 40% manager, ....thises want no job. Thises people outmakr youry land whits corrupt hungary politikers, and futz yours money, people money. Russia correct was. No futz. Germany , france futz. Lot of people family, all thinks finish. Yes extra profit wanr they. All europe 1 mafia. For you, if they want, only schweiz or belgian or english good, where have qualitat people. Others land in 5km down in ocean. Amerika, ausztralia best good. Or canada, or sved, but yours immun krank, nord land no good. Usa or australia. Bur help for you Usa or audztraloa? Amerika groven make 1 positive ding, they think what make you. This is poditive think! 1 big gool! You clever man, small star, I think, you find 1 good land! By-by!


(Katerina, 2017.09.24 20:31)

For yours yetz in europe maximum ortofox yevis help, or extreme partey. All others 1 mafia. Tragedy europe


(Oleg, 2017.09.24 20:27)

Europe katastrofe. This europe politikers direkt make. Yes. This extermination. Europe high qualitat extermination. Why? Grappa want no good girls, good car, good house, good job. Grappa lot of extra profit make, in lot off companies. Extermination thise. Where ystz putyin? Putyin good politiker, but help for you? No. Trink whits Orban 1 bier. Martin Sulz where? Merkel where? No correct europe. Europe 4-5 years=west balkan qualitat. Please lot of extra profit companys! Politikers cottuptiins.







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