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all europe degenerate

in europe, europe people qualitat big problem.   only 1 girls or 1 man beautiful, elegante, in face in normalle.   europe no normalle.   german primitiv and genetic defekt population, girls 8o dick, primitive. wien people absolute waste...  francozis no good qualitat...  migrante, all O qualitat..  Hungary 1 gypsy politiker than Orban viktor, and gonc kinga (gypsy all O qualitat)  yetz millionare.   migrante pey high, and genetic defekt german dick pey high so....


I tell you, the deforestation and who want to exterminate any species that count. The Judge and nazi bettwen no lot off different. primitiv, There is no claim to. The Jewish and the fascist, as well as a dreary. They eat it, it's ugly for her.  Human beings, none of them ... the Jew, the pennies and everyone else. This is the only requirement of Gypsy. To work for neither one wants. I did not leave any gypsy, but I did not finish it. Europa is big trouble. There are a lot of Alberto zsidok kezebe, irtjak the people who inserted something about cola drinks and egyebb. the fascist. the gypsy, begs, and it is a vile man who gives the European gypsy hand cash.   the gypsy, the Hungarian people wanted out and eradicated, because it steals a vile, doesn't work neither. " Faculty not to get them out-eradicated. I worked 25 years later every day, and bought 2 girls, a car, a garage. Only 2 of these were cigars, politicians, Victorian gypsy orban and kinga gypsy gonc. viktor orban gypsy president, give to 4ooo euroe 1 gypsy in wien, make mi wrong job in europe, and my fix room in wien ende. gypsy .. thises gypsy grappa, direkt want mi ill...   People, people should not eat black people. Where it is black. There is terror or fascism as a Hungarian country. Hungary gypsy people, if begged, they should not be given to them. They have a lot of pennies.


Europe needs a normal order of importance. Ugly and primitive people pay up to 1000 euro, high qualitat people minimum 3oo- 12ooo euro .. gypsy O euro. Jedwis, musulman, if working.       The 2 Hungarian gypsy ministers, oras and kinga gonzales have to be led by the European leader. They are not Hungarians, I do not get a gypsy, the Hungarian is like that. Not Hungarian as it is today, only Hungarian 70% genetic defect than orb.





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