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a physiologist, a genetic defect hurt, people who are so despicable

they say, orban Victorian-Hitler-type people. Hitler was a sultry man. (chukk norris china, swarzenegger, kim beasinger, usa president Buss trumpf, alen delon), and the wretches of the united kingdom. there are only one thing that is the power of the bereaved people. to make masked people, to tonk, to eat and to be sick. these are all of them. the price and the power. they do not have sex with sex, human beings, nothing. steal, masos carouses. this Socialist Minister, too, has a lot of eyes and a lot of serenity when he is a kid. they were joking, how disgusting little freak. such people are in the bottom. he does not like the people around you, who wants to get rid of them. he does not give them food, restrains them, does not give them a treat, is a possible sex life and park. all this, to put out the most distinctive breed. they were also worthy of this, the voralberg regioba, those who were strong and already unmarried, did not receive social assistance, and merely, only the black people, and they were given the cost of 1200 euros to get rid of the hard-working people. it's not a joke. HItler does this. this is not a diskrimination, it's a race-to-do. I have 7 professions, electronics, electricians, painters, organizers, web designers, .... I did not get work. it's laughable, my guts are sweetly toned. pay. if you do not go masked, with theirs, but they all pay. lhp ceg, mafia, social mafia alles.




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