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3, a problem will lead to a whole new Europe

3, a problem will lead to a whole new Europe


1, 1, it is not the policy of this policy
Penz center politics, which allows the happiest people to go to people, primitive people, and thus gaining gender power, and exalts the powers of the heavens who elevate europat to a high level. The Primitive Worshiping Friend Policy, created by the Valllandese Mafia Sphere. Sorry, a dirty, uneducated shopkeeper, or a similar writer, often gets worse than a surgeon or a doctor. Naturally, the high temperament of the lowly humans is overwhelmed by a whole European culture, all its qualities go tonight. The primitive man's level of necessity, resembles clothing, eating, drinking, toilet and shower. But the Eurtopian man demands more, Eu politicians like Merkel and others, a small HITLER europaban, who use them in their own right, cast their hands on the fold. Europe. Where Merkel's trolls are settled, there is a fold, ownership of everything. The work and politics of politics are very sick, and fascism is a warm temperament. Primitive people gather to power, gain material goods, and the need to force them into hatred. America is the opposite. America has raised the standard of athleticism, best sportsmen, scientists, educators, paying and raising Americans. It may be the US government or not, but it is in the hands of a nation-state where they are not in power, and this is overwhelmed by the economic and social turmoil.

2, media. Power-driven whole european. It is the opposite of this, but not true. The deceives of power do not look to the sunset through the media, and for this reason the media will lose leadership, the Internet media will be Iranian.


3, 3, the nation's national fascists are easily and comfortably lazy.

The ubiquitous and rassism emerged from the fact that politics, primitive drinkers, settled in certain countries, and the people were searching for it. They go there for free, all their money is paid by ado. On the other hand, with the laborious workers, there is rassism all over because it is a key. That country is easy, it can not make a bow, because it is primitive, it is already a man, and it is overpowering them. While one of the more expensive, free, free school, school, and all the money paid by adopts, billions of large orders, the employee is useful because he will not pay for the pennies, he is today admitted, so useful a member of the dagger. But here are the many fascist VILLAGE MINISTER. ATVERIK A NEPET. EXAMPLE. HERE I AM. KESZ TANULT, HIGH PRESENTATION, INTELIGENT, LANGUAGES, JO PROFESSIONAL. ENGEM IS NOT ALKLAMAZ. IT IS THE OLCS, PRIMITIVE WORKER, AS WELL AS OLCSOBB. Yes, but for my sake, I do not have to. The CEG, WILL LOWER WEEK 1000CHF, WHICH IS ADOPTED, HALF 5-6000CHF TOBBLET, WHY THEY WILL BE THE LAKASA, WHICH THE ORDER IS NOT FREE, ADDRESSED, ........ THE CEGES, AND FASIS MINISTERS, ADOPT NEPT, THERE IS A FRIEND. EUROPE BOTHES CEG POLICY CAN BE INCREASED, BETWEEN UPLOADED NEP, NEIGHBORHOODS ARE LIVING IN EUROPE.


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